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YinYang Yule
To Faces of Postmodern Man—2017

‘Fate Liked Us That Day’

Elon Musk Gives Updates on Mission to Mars

Landing Reliability, launch rates and vehicle redundancy are key elements of this semi-privatized attempt to get off this prison planet. Interestingly Musk claims that “no one good” in aerospace engineering would work on this project and he and others had to learn how to build rockets. Artificial intelligence is important to this effort and might, ironically, also be employed by governments opposing planetary colonization.

Of course, I am praying for a non-state colonial planetary colonization, but will be glad for any uplift by humans from our collective feed lot.

For keeping up on the program use the Space & Universe link at the bottom.

‘The Greatest Cholera Epidemic in Human History’

Endless War | Scott Horton and Stefan Molyneux & a Discussion with Jordan Peterson

Scott is the best guest Stefan has had in over a year, laying blame on both factions of the American crypto-oligarchy.

‘Getting Rid of the Priesthood’

An Antidote to Chaos | Jordan Peterson and Stefan Molyneux

At 30 minutes Peterson does the most incisive and concise review of the evil that is the modern educational establishment I have heard. Peterson’s take on Christianity is very Hellenic, very much in the spirit of the ancient Gnostics. It was certainly the syncretic element of the Greco-Roman church that facilitated the inclusion of so much shamanic tradition in the surviving forms. Christianity was imposed in Europe from above, by royal initiative and at sword point, not in a missionary fashion. But without the ability to make concessions to local aboriginal beliefs, military resistance to the Middle Eastern colonization of the European mind would have been far stiffer.

‘The Vending Machine of White Guilt’


Stefan starts out with an excellent sketch of relationship mechanics between men and women in modern America and ties it in with the reemergence of black slavery in Libya. This former atheist libertarian actually turns on his former materialistic faith and points out that greed is at the basis of evil.

‘Eating Babies’

The Crusade against Hollywood’s Human Trafficking, Sex Slavery and Infant Cannibalism in Hollywood

Decide for yourself.

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