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To A Thee-Legged Man
Nero the Pict’s Advice to a Gimping and Geezer

I am not a PT so take this unsolicited advice for what it is worth. Classically when using a (cane/walking stick). You should try to use it opposite the side that is weakest. Which from the looks of it would be your left?!. Also remember to go up a curb/step with you cane then the good foot followed by the bad. You reverse this order when descending.

These two videos are of things that I have been learning in school. The second is only about a minute long. It illustrates what I speak of. Give it a shot. These are literally pulled from some classroom materials that I have been going through. Read your latest piece and if I can be of any help. Don't hesitate to get in contact.

A merry Christmas (er Yule) to you and your harem,

Nero the Pict

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