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Whispering Christians
Nodding off on the Essex Bus, Friday, December 1, 10:45

The bus driver is a good, Christian, black man in middle years who shows compassion for patrons despite their race, in a city where government officials typically treat those outside of their race—or members of their own race, depending on how they prefer to hate by color—with a scathing indifference.

He looks out for Miss Jenny, an older, Christian, black lady who works as a high school janitor and must stand at an unlighted bus stop. I know they are Christian because they routinely discuss what is wrong with the world in Baptist terminology and conclude their discussions with reminders for prayer.

What I was in for was a treat as to how the divisions of this nation, this state and particularly this city, have been so diligently cultivated via TV and social media as to insure confirmation bias in the vast majority of people who have been subjected to state indoctrination through the children’s penitentiary system, otherwise known as Public Schools.

The conversation covered three points:

The black police detective who was shot in the head while investigating a murder, under suspicious circumstances, with no leads, the day before he was scheduled to testify in a federal drug corruption case. This case is far bigger than one trial and has federal and local players. Like most blacks in the city, even though this cop was shot by a black man, local, mysterious whites are thought to be behind the killing and the only hope for justice lies with federal policing.

The police and those few whites aware of the case, I have talked to, however, are of the opinion that this reeks all the way up to the federal level and that handing it off to the feds, as the black administration has urged, is going to guarantee a cover up. Whether this was local or federal agents behind this killing is anyone’s guess, but most law abiding blacks in Baltimore cannot seem to be able to imagine faceless federal agents being evil, only white name leaders and local police. Of course, in most network TV and movies, federal agents are heroes and local law enforcement are either corrupt or inept. The absolute trust in “the system” is astounding, and shared by most law abiding Baltimoreans, working class and middle class. These are two of Baltimore’s happy slaves who are employed by government agencies. Unlike most suburban whites, who do not follow such news, these folks know what is going on, just like many internet dissidents do, but suffer from systemic blinders.

The second point of discussion, which called for whispering in spots, was about President Trump being a crook, an obvious Russian double agent. The reason given and agreed upon for this being the case was that no one as hated by the media as Trump could possibly win unless they cheated!

The third part of the discussion was conducted in whispers, with Jenny moving away from me to whisper in loud raspy tones, which I could hear—like Patty Labelle trying to whisper—considered the fact that white folks were becoming “so prejudiced lately.”

This last item is patently ridiculous in our own local context and is obviously fed by hatemongering media operating off of educationally implanted cues. This is astonishing in Baltimore, for in Baltimore, whites almost universally apologize for being white and absolve all obviously race-based attacks by blacks on whites as being agency-free double tragedies. This point has obviously been developed by media, with the concentration on such stories as a handful of white teens state-wide making racial jokes [no threats] crowding out news coverage of black on white attacks and murders, attacks that when covered, never mention the racial dynamic.

Since these two folks, who were actually concerned with not offending me, were educated in the 1960s and 70s when prejudice was used as a term for racial hatred, than what is happening is that previous educational frame works, implanted over generations, are being tapped into by current media.

Every year, for the past 5 years, and now every month this year, I have noticed more animosity and fear towards me by blacks in and around Baltimore, an obvious result of the manic promotion of the idea that white men are increasingly filled with racial hatred against people of color and prone to act upon it, when there are zero actual attacks by whites on blacks in the Baltimore area, while attacks by blacks on whites have increased between 5 and 20 fold depending on the location in and around Baltimore over the last two years.

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PRDecember 30, 2017 7:31 PM UTC

Sam J,

Sun Tzu would recommend weakening the alliances blacks have. One of their alliances is family - many of whom show up for a place to stay after getting released from the pen. Depending on local law enforcement, you can put a camera up to record goings-on in your neighborhood. I have found this to be effective.

ANother is their pitbulls. Regardless of how rich they are, you can't get their ghetto love of this breed out of them. A relative lives in a rich, gated neighborhood. A retired basketball player moved in and let his pitbulls run around in the neighborhood. Finally they savaged my relative's dog. Fortunately, this neighborhood has by-laws that will force the sale of this black man's property should his dogs cause another problem. You get the point. Loose pitbulls should be speared using the $30 Cold Steel spear from

Another alliance is Section 8. I don't see how to handle this one except by going after the landlords in court. Our government is determined to provide housing to people who won't work. I'm hesitant to suggest damaging black peoples' houses since it causes a war of escalation and they don't care anyway.

Reprisal is a dangerous, unethical game unless you're in wartime. Here, the lines are very blurry because we are in a sort of non-trinitarian/4G style war with non-state actors while we continue to rely on a failing state. The government usually refuses to do anything about blacks who assault and kill whites. If it cared, we would be executing a lot more black criminals. Self-defense is the only deterrent, but how much can women really defend themselves against a pack of wilding yoof? They can use a gun, but so can their assailants. Neighborhood watches should be organized to ensure safe passage of women and children with communication done over a walkie-talkie radio net or semaphore. Since whites refuse to cooperate with one-another and refuse to defend themselves, this is very difficult.

We are at a disadvantage for 3 main reasons relative to nonwhites: we trust the government overmuch, we don't cooperate, and we don't want to defend ourselves. Oh, and we're knocked-down by the 'R' word. An option is to start electing better local politicians who push back against Fed meddling and take a hard line against black crime.
Sam J.December 28, 2017 8:52 PM UTC

"...Whites will be accused of things until we find our balls and push back..."

The problem is White people don't want to go to jail because the jails and the judicial system are controlled by our enemies. They don't care about protecting us excepting that the attacks on Whites get so bad it brings bad publicity.

The answer to this is"

1. Younger Whites should attack the buildings and Blacks that move into their neighborhoods. This is assuming that Whites learn the phrase "I didn't see nuffin" when asked about the Blacks being attacked.

2. Random night attacks on Blacks when ever they attack Whites. Worked for the KKK like a charm. Whatever the failings of the KKK, anonymous organizations like that tend to attract assholes, it did work. The Whites in the South went from being totally oppressed by Blacks and transplanted Yankee carpet baggers to running their own States themselves.
BobDecember 27, 2017 3:21 AM UTC

I think blacks are even more prone to MSM and government brain-washing than whites, if only for the fact that they're less intellectually curious. Less likely to consult original sources for their information. The media is calibrated to elicit an emotional response from its public, and I believe blacks' emotions - on average - are more open and manipulable than whites.
responds:December 27, 2017 1:48 PM UTC

All of the many blacks I know would agree with you that blacks are more emotive than whites.
PRDecember 26, 2017 5:53 PM UTC

Whites will be accused of things until we find our balls and push back. People who don't defend themselves are an easy target.

"These are two of Baltimore’s happy slaves who are employed by government agencies."

Right. GOvernment employees, regardless of their race, believe that government can do no wrong. You cannot get someone to understand something when their livelihood depends on them not understanding it.