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Big Daddy Ron
The Pre-History of an Orphan

Ron was a 50-year-old dude, who was a former drug user, who had gotten himself straightened out and rented a floor of a frame house for him, his son and his son’s wife and daughter in the Dundalk community of Southeastern Baltimore County.

Ron met Amanda, a 26-year-old party girl, an on and off junky, with two young children out of wedlock. Amanda said she wanted to straighten out for her kids’ sake and liked Ron because he was “a real man who worked and took care of his family.”

Within two weeks Amanda and her youngest were living with Ron and his kin, her oldest, six years old, living with her father at first, and then gravitating to Ron’s place. Both boys took a liking to Ron, calling him, “Big Daddy Ron.”

Within a month she was pregnant and Ron announced they were engaged, happy at the idea of being a father again. His father-in-law to be warned him, “Get a paternity test and hope that kid comes out white—it could be her drug dealer’s baby.”

A couple weeks later Ron’s son and family moved out because of Amanda’s behavior.

After a month of bliss Amanda got back on heroin and began disappearing, so Ron called her father up and said, “Come get your daughter and grandchildren.”

The next day Amanda’s father got a phone call from Ron’s son. Big Daddy Ron’s body had been found by his landlord. He overdosed on heroin the night he put Amanda out. His son said, “If I catch your whore daughter on the street I’ll pull over and rip that fetus out of her!”

“American Woman, get away from me,” some hippy once sang.

The womb of our nation emits a noxious stench, which one hopes might waft up to heaven and awaken the old gods and bring a reaping of fetid souls.

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VVDecember 30, 2017 1:12 PM UTC

So sorry to hear about big Ron I think you fuel remember in a previous comment that I they have met him before as we both did work with that dude Mike that tried to rip him off once again sorry to hear
responds:December 30, 2017 2:55 PM UTC


this was not our Big Ron, but another guy from Dundalk.

I just had a burger with Ron last week and he drove me home from the hospital.

Please email me at

Take care.