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Hello James,

My end of year message (together with blog stats.) Online (with live links) at:

My best to you for the new year -


The left ones think I’m right, The right ones think I’m wrong.

-Leon Russell

I'd like to thank Ron for regularly sending us quality content on topics totally outside of my field of experience, and letting me serialize his ebooks for the readers. Napi Mephisto will resume when I return to my trashed office and get hold of my files again. I might write apolitically, but I am unbalanced in more important ways and Ron offer's a satirical center of gravity I find missing in my own online work. Thanks, Ron.


My modest blog’s performance for 2017: 100 hits daily (on average for about 3,000 per month.) This is up from 2016, but 2014 & 2015 were stronger years.

Started in mid-2012, following Alternet discontinuing (and eventually deleting) my ‘soapbox’ blog, began to get a bit of traction in 2013, with 2014 the blog’s strongest year, pulling in 45,000 hits. 2015 had about 40,000, 2016 was at 26,000 and 2017 is on target for 36,500 views.

2014 shows a somewhat inflated result due to a bump from Ron Unz’s ‘American Pravda’ article linking to my assessment of the shoot-down of MH-17 over the separatist Donbass region of Ukraine. Possibly 2015 shows a lingering effect of this ‘bump’ combined with the satire (posted mid-December 2014) Alfreda Bikowsky and the Definition of Stupid, lampooning CIA renditions, this site’s most popular and enduring satire.

 2017 best performing articles, top ten

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The most read 2017 article (above, Trump DNI) shows the effect of former CIA officer Robert Steele ‘mongoosing’ it and consequently picked up at Jeff Rense’s Alt-Right site, which is likely why Black Agenda Report dropped my work (they won’t discuss issues with me and mostly don’t acknowledge my mails.) Consequently I looked into the so-called Alt-Right and discovered there are not only neo-Nazi elements but numerous other more or less alienated conservative elements actually at odds with neo-Nazis, racists and typical anti-Semites. Here is where I take issue with Chris Hedges and other personalities; clearly the Alt-Right cannot be painted any one color with a broad brush. Consequently I began posting some of my work at James LaFond’s site where I time to time see hate messages in the comments (LaFond is kind enough to remove these.)

My work is at best ‘a-racial’ (I place a value on sanity over race) and at worst agnostic in regards race. Are these the same thing? It’s where I’m at in regards to race, which I expect is a cultural contrivance effectively concealing the more intelligent path towards a common understanding of humanity.

James LaFond is of similar persuasion and also works exterior to the boundaries of political correctness when employing Black English terminology describing behavior in a Black community. If LaFond lived in Browning, Montana, rather than a Black ghetto in Baltimore, Maryland, I doubt his work would be significantly different; exposing community behaviors and calling a Red Spade a spade as opposed to Black. If LaFond’s work was centered in observing a community of White ‘crackers’, he’d be cracking down on the crackers, is my assessment.

However it might seem (to some) paradox, likely this is precisely why his site embraces my work; because the hammer should drop on the actual offenders without regards to tip-toeing around superficial racial constructs with politically correct strictures. Accusations of ‘hate’ necessarily overlooking this preceding is, in my opinion, at best shallow and underdeveloped thought, at worst a hypocrisy. If the White Alt-Right is associated with neo-Nazis, how is this substantively different than a Black liberal community associated with a Black mis-leadership class? Obama had, with the likes of Al Sharpton and Maxine Waters’ support, easily killed, by far, more non-Black people over a mere 8 years (with his policies, in Syria/Libya) than the Klu Klux Klan had killed American Blacks in over 100 years. Shall we consequently tar and feather all conservative Whites and liberal Blacks? Dare NOT to look at Black on Black violence?

In absolutely, politically incorrect terms, what’s more is, I don’t care if you’re a fag because it is your right and it’s none of my business; that is until you evangelize me with it or worse, grab my ass. In other words, don’t behave like those Christian fundamentalists who expect me to believe as they do and I’m fine with you, I’ll promote your honest endeavors no different to the rest, where there is a common interest pointed to the common good.

Moving towards conclusion,  was my article given over to the attention of Jeff Rense and wide exposure in the Alt-Right community a deliberate act of sabotage? It’s not important. What is important is, what one learns. Meanwhile, this site has been promoted by the work of a Jew (Ron Unz) and has promoted the work of a Jew (Mikey Weinstein) and is entirely agnostic in regards to left & right or whether intelligent and honest work stems from ethnicity and/or persons Red, Yellow, Black, Brown and/or White, because race/ethnicity is often a superficial construct.

Perhaps the modest numbers are not so important as the personages who read; I know for a fact more than just a few ex-spooks read at and certainly intelligence agencies regularly check in from around the world. If this site manages to inject some of that ‘other’ intelligence, the intelligence called common sense, into the several intelligence agencies thinking, this will have served us all, irrespective of geopolitical (or other) orientation.


All time best performance top ten

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