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From, Ishmael, KCC, Tony Cox, Checkered Demon, Shep, Steevo, Big Ron, Brent, SS Sam, Rick Wayne, Mescaline Franklin…

2017: Homicides soar in Baltimore, drop in DC - WTOP

Gee wiz could it be the fact dindu population is dropping in DC? Maybe that has something to do with lower crime rates.

Big Ron 

I better get myself a computer one of these days, I can’t do italics on my iPhone. I only ever got an iPhone because it seemed like a good way to kill time at work, waiting for a load, broke down, etc. I’m glad I never delivered groceries to any store you worked at. I bet we would have bumped heads.

I was delivering a perishable load to a Safeway in Bend, Or the other day, and the dairy manager was obviously very hard working and serious. Once I finally had enough of his tone of voice, I asked him “Who the fuck you think you are, James LaFond or somethin’?” Call that word of mouth advertising.


Hi James,

Pre-columbian hand grenade in Pennsylvania.Work THAT into a short story….

SS Sam


I now knows of your nose woes, and send along my sympathies and well-wishes. Please make whoever is responsible...repent. Am I going to have to redesign the coin?


Sent from my gizmo

Keep Crushing Bugmen

-Mescaline Franklin

Check this No Agenda interview out.

-Rick Wayne

Buccin’ Benny

I like how he describes the guy grabbing his stomach and going "Oh Lord!".

-Mescaline Franklin

Ahab the Arab

Must have been something in his cornflakes.

-Nero the Pict

The Ten Most Bone Crushing Knockouts of 2017.


Well, hell, we can't have any haaaate in Minnesota:


Thought you'd get a kick outta this, James.




this is the legion of skanks

murphy homes doc

murphy homes doc

murphy homes pt1

This is Rogan’s MMA podcast

-Steevo here's a good one take care big ron

-Big Ron


I'm not the guy to start blaming things on space men, but this is interesting. As this video is 30-some seconds, it passes quickly. The 2nd and 3rd videos should be worth viewing too when they are released. Be sure to read the actual pilot report.

-Checkered Demon

Koreans and Plexiglass

funny shit.

White Tiger film

Soviet Tank Crew Holocaust

-Mescaline Franklin

Like Severian in the mine compelling the man-apes to yield under the dull gleam of the T cane.

Or Ahab cowing the crew by the baleful glow of the Spanish gold doubloon,

I salute you sir.

Anyway, be careful, my friend.

And sorry to hear about your nuts. I'll have that beer with you, I'm retiring also.

Merry Christmas, hope you spend it with your grandson.

SS Sam

Amazon playing games with this guy, as well:

Amazon Cancels This Site’s Associates Account

Effective immediately. Here is their justification, via email: The violations referenced above include, but are not limited to the following: -The information in your application, such as your emai…

Sorry to keep bothering you when you’re on walkabout, but you will LOVE this:

Harm City Christmas Card

Whole lot goin' on here...

What Do the Dindu Doo-Doo

Video Shows Woman Who Delivered Amazon Package Pooping In Front Of Sacramento Home

A Sacramento resident is crying foul after a woman delivering packages for Amazon allegedly did her business in the street in front of the woman's home. And the ...


Long clip, but you should really give this a listen. A very smart Scot interviewing a very smart Alabamian.

Listened and liked it, KC. Thanks

Teachers AID

-KC Correspondent

No Matter Where You Go

This is a large high school created to serve an unincorporated rural/suburban area, developed by the offspring of farmers and loggers. Judging from the roster of their highly-successful football team, I would say the school is at least 90% white, and if there were more than a dozen Dindus enrolled, I would be surprised.

And yet…”multiple black males”.


This 7 year old story may be of some interest.

Another sad story big ron

No Damned Handcuffs

No damn handcuffs.

James if you get a chance read this interview when I see you I would like to get your opinions on the state of rural boxing which from my looking around seems to be on the upswing.

Very nice article.

...and most people back in the day believed this shit the little kids had the best instincts.

-Big Ron

BayouCoyote December 1, 2017 3:55 PM UTC

Not sure if you saw this yet:

All the best,


Harm City!

Merry Christmas,


If it Happens in Vegas


I've attached 2 articles about the two dogs that mauled their owner.



Two dogs in rural Virginia mauled their owner to death, authorities say. But why?

by Kristine Phillips December 20 –The Washington Post

The Goochland County medical examiner believes 22-year-old Bethany Lynn Stephens was killed Thursday morning after her two pit bulls mauled her while on a walk. (NBC 12)

The scene that confronted Goochland County Sheriff Jim Agnew and his deputies was so grisly that he had to pause as he described it in front of reporters.

“I observed, as well as four other deputy sheriffs observed, the dogs eating the rib cage on the body,” Agnew said at a news conference this week.

The series of events that led to that gruesome scene — two dogs guarding Bethany Lynn Stephens’s bloodied remains after authorities say they mauled her to death while on a walk in rural Virginia — have been the subject of speculation, rumors and anger. Why did these two dogs, which friends said had a strong bond with Stephens, turn on their most important human?

The Death of Malls (but not the rich ones):

I like how Socrates also had his head on a swivel when tactically withdrawing.

-Mescaline Franklin

Books by James LaFond

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Sam J.January 1, 2018 9:06 AM UTC

Just to let you guys know about the UFO business and that (UFO?) video. The guys who are running the organization are former CIA and others involved with the CIA and Defense research. I used to have an open mind about UFO's. I saw an amazing presentation by another group called the "Disclosure Group". Really impressive. I thought maybe there was something to it until 9-11 and I realized all the lies the Jews were telling us. I also found out the guy running the D.P. was a Jew. Then I saw a video with Werner Von Braun's secretary saying that she was told by him that the Gov. was using UFO's as a backup plan some day when they would land some big UFO, with I assume GMH(genetically modified humans) and tell us we're being invaded and need world government. Then I started to have a bit more perspective and to ask basic questions. Let's say you're an advanced race that can fly billions of miles across the galaxy. Do you come to Earth and crash in a corn field in Roswell? If you so advanced does it make sense to fly around where a bunch of savages have nuclear weapons? If your advanced why hide? I can see hiding to research us but then why do we see them? Are they so stupid they fly around in the air, per the Disclosure Project, in spacecraft as big as navy aircraft carriers? Fuck no. The whole idea is stupid. It doesn't make any sense at all. If an alien came to check us out they would use some super small nano-bug thing that we couldn't even see and make LOTS of recordings to see what was going on first. Then and only then would they let us know they were around. If they were idiots because if you watch local news you know they wouldn't have anything to do with the likes of us but lets say they do for giggles. They would get way out where we couldn't touch them and send radio or TV signals down.

So if you see some weird almost human looking genetically engineered freaks land a big spaceship and start blasting people's your government not aliens.