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Dindustan Heartland
By WellRead Ed

I read your plan for travelling the country to chronicle the death of Caucasian Civilization and the rise of Dindustan. Allow me to save you some time, air fare, and gas money. What you will find in those cities' areas in which the Dindus have regressed the real estate back to nature is this; like the bones of a long-dead, beached whale, you will see the remnants of a once-thriving city now collapsing under the weight of neglect and decay. The denizens of these ruins will be only slightly more advanced than the Original Dindus encountered by Dr. Livingston. Between their baffling superstitions, their Stone Age brutality towards each other and outright savagery towards palefaces, you will marvel that these beings can exist in 21st century, well, anywhere! They will appear to be technologically competent as they peer intently at the screens of their Obama phones, but their vocabulary, inability to articulate abstract thought, and illiteracy will provide that rarest of all things; a walking, talking paradox.

Worse, as I know you know, their feral offspring will be nothing more than miniature replicas of themselves. Having never been taught the concepts of civility, compassion, and decency, the idea of deferring to someone because of age or infirmity is as foreign to them as The Latin Mass. Should you encounter a polite and articulate Dindu that speaks intelligible English, cherish that moment because that individual will not last long in Dindustan. He or she will either adapt to their environment, becoming a parody of their neighbors so that they can escape the stigma of "acting White", or they will be murdered by those same people for the same reason.

A prediction: Ultimately, your sojourn will be a disheartening one. Your writer's soul will mourn the loss of great cities that were once the engines of commerce in a great nation. Your sense of honor will cause you to feel a twinge of guilt as you wander through the remains of those same cities like a grave robber looking for jewelry. And, finally, your manhood will see the swaggering, boisterous and boastful Dindu bitch boys as an affront to everything that is good and right about masculinity. It will be gloriously depressing.


Good luck.

Ed, as a science-fiction writer how can I pass up such an opportunity? Actually, this is necessary for me to write fiction in other settings more than writing about crime and society.

This is my first night in two weeks back in Harm City and I find myself up at my desk posting—because the Ghetto Hawk is circling over Hamilton; Skynet is policing my own little slice of Dindustan. So your well-textured piece on the false peace our parents mortgaged with our sweat, blood and quickly drying tears, was darkly welcome.


Good Morning, Dindustan!: Urban Life at the End of Caucasian Time

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BobJanuary 2, 2018 11:07 PM UTC

The half-breeds who lead the Haitian slave revolt were subsequently slaughtered by full-blooded blacks. Regression to the decidedly mean.