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The Erasure of Honor
The Diversity Diner: This Week in Absurdity

Cutie thought that you would (not) like this video. A bit dated copyright 1997. I have it on good word that this is still being screened at healthcare facilities. An almost $600 DVD!!!...You really can't make this stuff up. It would make a great drinking game. Honestly the only way to watch this is with a buzz.


Notice where all of the moral authority lies and who is in need of education, the ethnic white guy in the diner and the white males at night school. The only paleface man with any moral gravity in this is the owner of the diner, who has a very “Manhattan,” cosmopolitan, geriatric “Friends” accent and demeanor. The date of production does indicate that our social situation—which did not become prominently acknowledged among dissidents until about 2007—is the result of an orchestrated mind control campaign.

At root, diversity indoctrination is a direct attack upon the sense of honor of all people of European descent, who are the only people condemned in their dominant separation, which is the key aspect of both heroic and hereditary systems of honor. The prequel to negating our largely heroic Aryan honor system, was two-fold. These two aspects of honor remained in tension from the time of Homer.

1. Mercantile economics removed cumulative honor from the bloodline and put it into play, with anyone cunning or duplicitous enough to accumulate wealth, thereby gaining honor, particularly under the English/American system. This honor is divorced from pride and leaves only a sense of privilege, which reduced elite honor to a sense of privilege, which is nothing more than the material crutch of the spoiled child or envious slave. This process submerged heroic honor systems—indeed, dueling subsides in all cultures that engage in this process over three generations, with the practice dead in the modern world, even in its German pistol-dueling form, by 1913, a time when we see other converging social trends brought about by the industrialization of materialism and the worship of accumulation as a virtue.

2. With the notion of heroics or meritorious honor submerged in civic life in the above fashion and diverted into the spectacular proxy farce of team ball sports, and with individual sports honor transferred away from the track and field and prize fighting athletes to their nation states [see Louis and Schmeling, 1936 & 38], all that is left to remove any sense of vestigial honor from remnant European society, was to attack notions of privilege, which are morally indefensible, as no merit or even familial inheritance of heroic accumulation stand against the slave jealousies of the anti-heroic system functionaries and the non-heroic mob.

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