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When Honor is Tied to Currency
And Invading the Search for Truth

Stefan is in his economic-psychological wheelhouse but does not really understand honor and is therefore left speaking on the point of the materialistic angles of drug addiction, economics and politics, which is a field of being that cannot sustain authentic honor among normal men, putting men from strong honor cultures like Japan, at risk of suicide. Such men held under modernity, exist in a perpetual position of dishonor, as the arts and deeds that once sustained honor from top to bottom of the society, have been replaced by currency collection, leaving most men without a sense of honor.

Stefan veers into more fruitful territory with a talk on empathy, propaganda and appeasement in our sick culture of critique.

Simply put, when masculine self-image is tied to currency accumulation in an honor culture which has been submerged by materialism, you get male suicide.

‘Invading the Search for Truth’

Jean-Francois Gariépy - Biology of Race: Debunking the "Sceptics" View on Race

The case of Kraut and Tea “self-shaming off the internet” after his leftist censorship campaign against right wing thinkers is an example, possibly, of a genetic honor thread, possibly implicit in European, Asian and Amerindian races. [I am totally off base, here, I know. This is just my opinion.]

Overall, in a world where enemies must be moral monstrosities, where the opponent must be evil [dominant themes in prize-fighting promotions and show wrestling calibrated to appeal to the sissy, feminized mind] discourse can follow no other course then demonization.

Gariépy’s speaking on recognizing chains of facts and consequences and a devotion to rectifying reality with morality brings out the best in Henrik.

Masculine Axis: A Meditation on Manhood and Heroism

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