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White Indians on Parade
25 Great Native Americans That Helped Define History

The very first entry is a blonde, paleface who went by the Indian sir name “Man Killer” but had a first name of distinctly German origin, more in fitting with her appearance. To think that Indians and whites only began to interbreed after the conquest, is ridiculous, as frontier conditions facilitated more intermarriage than reservation conditions in urbanizing America.

#13, Maria Tall Chief, offers a hint at why so much crossbreeding was desired by palefaces in frontier times and is obviously a product of predominantly European genetics.

Of the 25 picks,

-1 is mixed African and Amerindian, Keokuck

-11 appear to be mixed European and Amerindian in a wide range of proportions, from perhaps 1/8th white Crazy Horse [brown hair] to the almost entirely Anglo-American Native American astronaut, John Harrington.

-13 are obvious pure-blooded natives.

If one is to make the claim that such survey’s of Native American leaders over represent mixed race Europeans, than one is to make a claim of European racial superiority, which I reject. Rather, I content that Eastern Woodland Indians survived for hundreds of years nose-to-nose with whites where the western Indians folded in 50 years, precisely because of interbreeding. Adoption was facilitated due largely to native extra-racial adoption imperative and the fact that these tribes lived in close proximity to slave plantations and seaports, where runaway servants and sailors provided voluntary adoptees. Also the desperate attempts by frontiersmen to push as far away from the plantation power structure made them and their women and children vulnerable to capture.

Stillbirth of a Nation: Caucasian Slavery in Plantation America: Part One

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