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Thrill of a Nighttime
Speaking with Indie Authors Robert Stark and Paul Bingham

I have just clicked out of an invigorating Skype interview with Young Robert Stark, an upcoming fusion Science-Fiction/Fantasy writer, and also soulful Paul Bingham, an author lucky enough to land Ann Sterzinger as an Editor.

Find out more about Robert and his work on radio and in print below. Robert is also a painter and is currently promoting his first novel, so let's wish that young man some good luck.

Paul Bingham speaks as a man with a lot of pulp fiction and boxing lore in his mind and a well of impressions in his past. I hope to see some of his work soon.

I would like to thank all of the many readers who have found my work online for themselves and have brought it to the attention of such interesting and creative folks as Robert and Paul.

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