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Witch’s Brew from the British Isles
A Hapsburgian View of Perfidious Albion by Teutonic Fist
Zup James,
Congrats to reaching your expiring date in one piece.
I just saw this series "Bouncers" from ITV on youtube. Each episode is 20 Minutes British clubbing scenes where degenerate Brits being degenerate. This year on New Year’s Eve in my corner of Germania with all the people around it was surprisingly peaceful, witnessed just one arrest scene among 500 people in one club. Cops reacted with overwhelming force, knees on heads and that stuff, they take no chances. In contrast I see this "Bouncers" stuff and it strikes me that the fundamental difference between the British and white people is that the Brits have a thin overlay of civility, but as soon their formality cracks they become just animals.
I talked to Spaniards during new years eve and we agree that the Brits are basically no more than animals. The men are impulsively violent, not even smart violent like a brawler, and the females tend to expose themselves. See episode two. It felt good to resurrect some Habsburgian boundaries to my Visigothic kinsmen by bashing the Limeys. The cops in England are basically just there to pick up the leftovers, protected by the institution their uniform represents and not by their own skills. At some point in the series you see the bouncers assisting a female cop doing an arrest cause their own muscles ain't enough when the rubber meets the road.
I was once in England and even in the small hotel bar i stayed just for three nights, i witnessed a rowdy Brit staging a domestic case in the bar until officer goofy came to lead the chap away. When you give alcohol to Germans they get gregarious until the point where they just fall asleep. When you feed alcohol to Brits they get loud and impulsive and in the end violent. Their violence by themselves is just pathetic. They all think themselves as natural fighters when they’re not.
Every time i see Limeys getting violent I think of this movie "Zulu" or the scene in "Waterloo" where Wellington played by Christopher Plummer calls the British soldiers scum and that gin is the spirit of their patriotism. The common British people are a bunch of drags and criminals beaten into shape by their idealistic officer corps. Unleashed from the constraint of society and its pressures they devolve into animals. A class society without class. So whatever caused the creation of that witches brew leaking out from the British island, i hope it breaks down soon and takes all these degenerate half-humans with it. Gott strafe England.
Here is a video of a British Doorman beating up diversity.
and here is Christopher Plummer calling it out.
- Best regards, Teutonic Fist
Teutonic, I have long suspected that American blacks inherited their bad behavior from their British masters and this series is perhaps the best argument for that half-baked notion. We are also seeing here, the early stages of privatized law enforcement. Episode 2 is basically like a Baltimore supermarket when food stamps broke on the old three day cycle in the 1990s. The women are universally hideous. How do these Muslim guys even stomach raping these sluts?
The following link is provided by PR
The link below courtesy of Bruno Dias.
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PRJanuary 12, 2018 10:56 PM UTC

I'm a great fan of the English, btw. I'm not going to get into a long list of things I admire about this vanishing race.

This thread reminds me that Sir John Glubb wrote that factions in collapsing empires always fight each other rather than lock shields against their enemies.
BobJanuary 12, 2018 7:27 AM UTC

Old School was only several generations ago. There was plenty to admire in the British stiff upper lip and phlegm.
Sam J.January 11, 2018 5:49 PM UTC

"...Thomas Sowell argued that blacks get their bad mannerisms from the Scotch-Irish..."

I used to read Sowells stuff and when he wrote that I decided to never read another word he wrote and haven't. Think about how stupid this is. Do Africans in Africa not act just like Africans in the US or Britain or wherever? Mostly yes. The idea that the Scotch-Irish are to blame for African behavior is silly rot. The idea is so stupid on it's face you wonder why anyone would take it seriously. Even the so-called Conservative Blacks can't help but blame Whites for their problems. Let's not even add that most Scotch-Irish were not the slave owners. It was mostly English.

I guess as the one of the few people left who don't blame Whites for every ailment of the planet I might point out that any of the bad things Whites have done no other civilization is without sin for doing the same but many good things Whites have done no one else has. The British are the ones that stopped most slavery where they could. There's many other good things Whites have done. Too many to list.

I've had enough of the criticism of Whites. Let's see what good other races are prepared to do. They should tell us what good they are prepared to do. Then after they solve all the worlds problems then get back to us.
responds:January 12, 2018 6:33 AM UTC

Remember Sam, our ancestors conquered the world, in part, because they had plenty of practice fighting each other.
Mr EcksJanuary 11, 2018 7:36 AM UTC

I meant no disrespect to you Mr LaFond.

It takes very great courage to do a job of work every day and just live your life in bad conditions where you might be murderously attacked at any moment. You have my admiration. I don't know how long my own nerve would last under such conditions. Yours has lasted for years and frankly I admire your resolve and determination.

My own ancestors owned no slaves , either black or white indentured but themselves had to struggle for life in the north of England. Until the Industrial Revolution came along and improved their lot.

All good luck for the future. I hope you can find somewhere pleasant to spend your declining years but I think it increasingly unlikely for all of us.
responds:January 11, 2018 9:47 AM UTC

Thank you, Mister Ecks. You know, your comment got me thinking about the effect of national identity on our minds, rather than local or ethnic and how it tricks us into siding with the elites who use us. For instance, my grandmother's father may very well have come from the same part of Britain as your family—might have been sold by the same rich wanker who drove your people off of public land—yet we are supposed to think of ourselves as American and British, not as men with English roots whose forefathers came up from slavery.

Good luck to you to, sir.
PRJanuary 10, 2018 11:25 PM UTC

The English are Germans who came in long ships and pushed the Britons into Wales.

I've been to both countries. White men are pussies in both places. And in mine.

Thomas Sowell argued that blacks get their bad mannerisms from the Scotch-Irish. This I can believe.

That said, I'm part Mick, part Kraut, and 100% 'Merican.
responds:January 11, 2018 9:51 AM UTC

Reading the Book Birthright and quotes from the Anglo-Irish master class in the mid 1700s was almost like listening to a group of black thugs. These guys all had pit bulls that they fought and used to set on their neighbors. It was uncanny how much like modern American blacks they spoke and behaved.
Mescaline FranklinJanuary 10, 2018 9:21 PM UTC

Thanks JR! I dig Woes but never heard of Morgoth, I like everything he said particularly about the 90s being like a party

to distract before the Orcs were let in and the stupidity of many of the tough guys left who would rather fight another white man over shit, but not the people invading their neighborhood.

Its the same sorry story here and all over the West.
JRJanuary 10, 2018 6:58 PM UTC


for the coolest British accent(s) check out this interview between Scots Millenial woes and the Identitarian Morgoth ( Morgoth is a Geordie (from Newcastle upon Tyne). Morgoth works 12hr a days at a shit factory job and puts out incredible writing every week.
Mr EcksJanuary 10, 2018 10:50 AM UTC

We still had guts to tell the German run EU to fuck off.

And as for the mighty Teutons they can't even protect their own adult women never mind sly grooming of little girls.

And to the chump writing in italics above—you Yanks owned the blacks in America not us. And Mr LaFonds blog is a testimony to how "tough" most White Americans are. Or is it white men Mr LaFond spends his every day and night on the look out for being attacked by?
responds:January 10, 2018 3:56 PM UTC

Greetings, Mr. Ecks.

My Mother's eldest ancestor was an Irishman owned by an Englishman in 1640s Maryland.

My Father's eldest ancestor who I can trace, was an Scottish-English orphan boy who was sold by English authorities to French Canadian masters in the early 1800s.

My son's first maternal ancestor was traced to 1700s New York, a Cornish man who was sold into slavery by English owners to Dutch Merchants and escaped to the wilderness and won his freedom.

I suppose I get my habit of pointing out Britannic foibles from my Grandmother LaFond [her father's slave name, for her father was born a Roy] who swore everlasting hatred to the English for selling her father into slavery.

However, you are right to be proud of being English for telling the EU to fuck off, and I am weirdly proud of being white American trash, forever preyed upon by the ebony descendants of the African slaves English-American merchants and plantation owners imported to replace my surly kind.

Personally I reserve my ethnic ire for the French, whose name I bear, though none of their genes.

So, while I like the Teutonic Fist's pointed writings, the fact is, all of us palefaces of the European diaspora have ancestors to be proud of for their fight, but are also haunted by the very real fact that the ruling elites of all of our various tribes sold us down Damnation River and that my forefathers, among others accepted the bribes handed down from on high.

I am personally proud of my father, for instance. But every time he voted he sold my sons and grandsons further into bondage.

It's where we are, Mr. Eck, having a bit of bitter fun and I'm glad you wrote in.
Mescaline FranklinJanuary 9, 2018 9:01 PM UTC

Notice how 'Americanized' the UK looks now. The older guys could pass for what you think of as historically British or English Sgt Major Types of Dickensian bruisers but the youngsters look like snotty kids from Long Island or suburban Maryland. If I had to be English though, I want that cool weird Liverpool accent!

Britain was always just an enslaved population kept in check with the class system and this is what happens by design with the 180 degree change, a drunken population whose anger is easily diverted into garbage sports, hiphop culture and street level violence easily managed by the Anarcho-Tyranny system.

There were also dignified and good British people in the past amongst the lower classes, we know this, but its a dying nation now for these people who are now slowly being replaced by even worse populations.

Don't worry Teutonic Fist, I back the Germans always against the Anglo-American mercantile countries. A German vision should have led the West in the 19th century.
Lynn LockhartJanuary 9, 2018 1:17 PM UTC

The Muslims may or may not rape the sluts provided for your entertainment and derision, but they definitely rape underage English girls, by the millions, force drugs on them and pimp them out to their pals.

It's cute that there is still a German alive who knows enough to hate the British, and at the behest of mass market television, too. Maybe the Germans will give it another go.
Bruno DiasJanuary 9, 2018 12:05 PM UTC

Compare the behavior of brittish hooligans with their eastern european counterparts, and you'll see just how savages the brittish are.
AndyJanuary 9, 2018 11:42 AM UTC

"the females tend to expose themselves"

i saw some parts exposed that were clearly not female.