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The Lamentations of Sweden
By Teutonic Fist
Hey James. I wrote something that probably goes along with the "fuck em all" view of you and your contributors.
A few days ago some old guy was killed in a Stockholm Subway Station after he picked up what appeared to be a hand grenade. Now you can find this story on Sites like Breitbart and Daily Caller and for sure some more unsavory characters will include the story in their newscasts about how everything burns down over in Europe solely because of foreign invaders.
Every time I hear the Lamentations of Sweden, I have a good laugh.
There is German nursery rime from the time when Swedes were rampaging through Germania, doing what their kin always did when they landed on foreign shores.
Die Schweden sind gekommen,
Haben alles mitgenommen,
Haben’s Fenster eingeschlagen,
Haben’s Blei davon getragen,
Haben Kugeln daraus gegossen
Und die Bauem erschossen.
The Swedes have come,
They took everything with them,
They broke all the Windows,
They carried away all the lead
They cast bullets out of it
They shot all the peasants
So my pity when it comes down to their suffering is rather limited. While the more romantic types see Sweden as the home of the archetypical Nordic men with blue eyes and blond hair, the memory of the surrounding Europeans in rather bitter. Most of the time past Scandinavia was a White Somalia filled with Pirates who inflicted losses on the trade routes of northern Europe.
The Vikings themselves were never that good as fighters, but rather raiders enabled by their Longboats for high mobility. But most of the battles they engaged in, they lost. If a Viking Warband met a Saxon Shieldwall or Frankish Cavalry, the white naked Bodies of Sven and Sigert ended up in Ditches or Rivers.
A Viking is not so much a warrior as a pirate and slaver. In that way, he’s very similar to the Arab. The Swedes were even so ambitious to sail down the Volga River to sell White Slavegirls to the Arabs. And if you believe Time is a Circle, then History is not short of Ironies. Now the descendents of these fine customers grew greedy and entered the homes of these slavers to prey on their descendents.
And what can they do?
The Bones of the few warriors they had rot in the Earth of Northumbria and Ireland and places which names have no meaning anymore, the same way Sweden will have no meaning anymore soon and what’s left of England will replace it as the bottom of every cuck joke. See them black haired Foreigners who come to Nordic shores not as invaders, but as errand boys who came to collect some accumulated interests.
Teutonic Fist, I have two things to add to this powerful piece of epochal karma:
1. The Norse institution of Thralldom was transferred to the British Isles and became the model for the enslavement of my ancestors in Maryland and Canada. My favorite author, Robert E. Howard usually cast Vikings as bad guys in his fiction.
2. During the campaigns of “The Lion of the North” King Gustovus of Sweden and his successor generals during the 30 Years War in Germany, the Swedish troops used to force Germans to drink raw sewage. There was a cruel comic name for the drink which I cannot recall.
And this one method you referred to in the comment on the lamentations of Sweden, filling someone with sewer, that’s called Schwedentrunk, Swedish drink.
(that’s from "the lamentations of Germany").
You fill someone with sewer, that means piss and shit from animals, and then the Swedes beat clubs on his belly until his stomach bursts. So the poor bastard dies of sepsis.
Today "Schwedentrunk" is the copyrighted brand name for a herbal liqueur.
-Teutonic Fist
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Sam J.January 16, 2018 1:09 PM UTC

We should invade Sweden, kill all the Men and the Muslim invaders and use their Women as sex slaves.
responds:January 17, 2018 12:08 PM UTC

Sam J!

I stand in absolute agreement. Such fine female flesh should not be cast before such dogs, but shackled to a just and masterful will!
BobJanuary 12, 2018 9:04 PM UTC

When I think of Sweden, I like to imagine Daniel Friberg as representative of its future:
AndyJanuary 12, 2018 9:10 AM UTC

"copyrighted brand name for a herbal liqueur"

Just imagine there would be a Grape Juice called "Whip", "Noose" or "Nightstick".

I mean Grape Drink. ;D
BobJanuary 12, 2018 6:12 AM UTC

Native Swedes aren't in control of the media and are subject to lifelong brainwashing, starting with public schooling. The Church of Sweden is aligned with the State. "Anti-hate" sanctions, too, should the propaganda cease to work.
ShepJanuary 11, 2018 5:46 PM UTC

"Well, the Danes came to Ireland with nuthin' ta do,

But dream of the plundered old Irish they slew.

Ya will, will ya Vikings? said Brian Boru,

And he threw 'em back inta the ocean."
Tony CoxJanuary 11, 2018 4:45 PM UTC

I really do admire your hatred!