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Being Jonah
Living on the Ground Floor in Europe by Teutonic Fist
Being Jonah
Living on the Ground Floor in Europe by Teutonic Fist
Years ago I lived right next to a storefront building in one of those neighborhoods that has its best days behind it and now lives off the remaining substance of a decaying civilization. Signs of such decline are the over representing numbers of foreigners and old natives that just won't die on the streets that are highly polluted with garbage, dog shit and spit containing yellow chunks on the sidewalk.
It’s like being Jonah trapped in a stranded whale that now rots around you until the point where the rot has eaten away so much from the whale that you can escape.
One of these summer evenings after sundown I had a friend over and we do what young men do to entertain themselves; watching compilations of face fucking and beheading videos arguing which ones had more intense gurgling, until this display of primal sex and violence was disturbed by music playing outside, glass clinging and voices. The entrance of the storefront beside my ground-floor apartment was built for a short part into the building so that the entrance was roofed over, what in combination with a nearby bar and a gas station often invited some local rabble to squat there.
The thing is, every bad neighborhood is a reflection of the people living there. If a neighborhood is shit, it is most likely because a critical mass of the people dwelling there are shit. So if you don't want you neighborhood to go to shit, it is not so much of a question about doing nice things, but rather keeping the boot on the antisocials and plebjers who are not invested there and have no interest in maintaining some sort of social order.
People who have no property and no children could as well have a brain tumor in regards to their behavior. They start to collect animals and too often you see some old boomer around here walking some little shitrat because his fat and barren wife over the years simply grew too lazy to do it herself. Or its some "ghost of Christmas past" version of this sorry picture in form of some dumb twat who thinks a four-legged creature that uses its tongue as toilet paper is her surrogate child.
These sorry excuses for human beings are miserable and they create an environment to make everyone else miserable and it is not like they wouldn't know what they are doing, which means that just violence or the threat of violence will keep enough pressure on them to don't engage in this sort of behavior. Some broken shards of glass on the sidewalk usually do the trick in keeping these people away and the sidewalk clean.
Some people would argue it is cruel to harm an animal that is not in charge of its own fate and itself a victim of the neurotic behaviors of late stage civilization. But if your mind is already so far down the river that you picture yourself bulldozing bodies into mass graves dressed as Bob the Builder and it brings a smile on your face, you are beyond caring anyways. Pets are a bigger threat to every civilization then roaming packs of foreign barbarians.
With that in mind I told my friend that we now will do a little scouting run, checking out how many are there. If I think we could take them, we simply confront them and tell them to piss off. So I grabbed a telescopic truncheon, put it in my pocket and we were heading for a nearby gas station to get some smokes and while doing so checking out the subjects in question. If the size and ability of the opposing forces are unknown, you don't run into direct confrontation. The guy I had with me does a lot of training and MMA, big arms, but calm as a pony and simply no warrior, so I can't be really sure how he behaves should violence occur. No matter how many bench presses one does, one cannot be taught to be a warrior.
I bought some smokes, thinking about for a moment if I should light one up so I could throw it in someone’s face to gain an important second, but then brushing the thought off because blowing smoke in someone’s face would escalate the situation for sure.
The opposition forces are scouted: three males, one female, all natives, around 20. Fuck. The female could push the situation in a harmful direction simply by being there and her stupid friends wouldn't want to lose face in front of her. But other than that there was no sign of concern. They had a little blue tooth music box that you connect with your smartphone that kids now carry around instead of CD recorder ghetto blasters like I did when I was a shithead like them. They all drank out of glass bottles. The Bar nearby provides its share of puke and bottles every Saturday and Sunday morning so I don't need these drags around for extras.
"Do you live here?" I inquire.
"Hey, man we are just waiting her for a friend".
"I hear your shitty music for almost 20 minutes now, you’re not waiting. You set yourselves up here. Wait somewhere else for your friend."
"But he lives just down there"
The Guy I spoke to pointed his finger down the road past my head but I didn't take my eyes off him. His friends said something but I ignored them. I explained to him in non-threatening but insisting words that he had to pack up his shit and leave. I did not explain the negative impact of his actions on this environment, appealing to his reasoning or negotiated, I stated my demands. He agreed to leave and wanted to shake hands, what I refused. Don't shake someone’s hand who you just got in an argument with. He gets a grip on your hand and could hit you right with his other hand. It was just not necessary to figure out the possibility of this.
Back in the apartment my buddy asked me why I'm such a meany all of a sudden, when my answer was to establish a threat. “You are mean so that you don't have to be violent this time. If the rules break down and people see they get away with small things, you will attract predators who will use this environment to get away with bigger things. And then you need to get violent to establish a deterrent again, like setting a homeless guy ablaze or something like that.”
I was thinking about this case a few days ago reading the police reports since New Year’s Eve. Two streets down from that place some guy got beaten into a coma. Not a robbery, just attacked because someone felt himself able to do so. Most likely I did these shitheads a favor shooing them away from a place where they were sitting ducks and worse predators creep around.
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Sam J.January 13, 2018 12:46 AM UTC

I was listening to James interview with Robert Stark and reading this sort of alt-history sight and ran across this article,

Reading down I saw that the Germans in one attack fired 3,500,000 shells in five hours before the advance. During the battle "...The British lost 178,000 men killed, wounded, and captured, and the French 77,000 (total 255,000). The Germans lost around 240,000...", and this kind of stuff happened many times during WWI. It occurred to me that the reason that Europe is so cucked is the aggressive Men are dead. They're just gone.

It's also not hard to argue that for Whites if they fight for their territory then the elites just scoop up what's left and put it in their pockets anyways. If you fight back you just end up in jail with masses, hordes, lots of the same people you were trying to get away from in the first place.

This is of course exactly what happened in Rome. The historians talk about decadence but all the elites taxed everyone into the ground and even had taken to forcing you to stay where you were and take up your Fathers occupation. Who wants to fight for that and as they didn't the whole thing fell apart.

What's even sadder is the same thing keeps happening over and over and over and the assholes that run countries never learn a damn thing. If the US could get a party that focused almost obsessively on the middle class welfare and didn't pamper the rich or the poor we could rapidly pull out of this hole but... it seems it will never happen.