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The Inter-Dimensional Hemorrhage of Time
Napi Mephisto, page 82, By Ron West

Napi’s lessons continue with Spotted Buffalo, his White German student of Shamanism

“Everything you see surrounding you is an interpretation. It is nothing more than that. The paradox is, it is simultaneously an expression. And nothing more than that. This is the paradox of the two universe. Where people go wrong is messing around with the interpretation, because that alters the expression. And altering the expression has consequences that spill over into the interpretation. You cannot mess around with the one, without knowing consequence from the other. So, as in the case of the Whiteman, if you are only aware of the one side of it, the interpretation, and you jack that around, the expression nails you and then you wonder why. So then the Whiteman tries to fix it, altering the new interpretation because that is the only side he can see, and the expression hits him again, but this time even harder. Damn

“Archaeology is the most easily explained example. The interpretation is the passage of time covers things up. Close, but no cigar. In actuality, the dirt he is piling out of the holes he digs is the time itsself. That is where he alters the expression. Because time is spilling out of those holes in the Quantum reality sense of particle memory association. The more he digs into the past, the more the past bleeds into the present. The Whiteman is collapsing time on us by digging things up. Poke so many holes in the membrane of time and the membrane tears wide open at some point and then comes the tidal wave. We are getting pretty close to that

“You see it in everything. He has dug up all of the violence and the dead of the past and what do you see around you? Immense violence and death. He has dug up the time of the dinosaurs going after oil and we have the climate of the dinosaurs coming down on us. Not to mention the spirits of those times, the metal creatures that run on the associated memory of those times. So the past is collapsing into its future, our present, and their future, our present time, is simultaneously collapsing into the time of our ancestors and that is going to be pretty interesting. Now the Whiteman is all proud he has dug up the first mass plague graves from the middle ages and the same month his World Health Organization warns we are at the highest risk ever for a planetwide epidemic. Now there is a case of timing and no coincidence he should pay attention to. It is all coming about from digging things up. Like dead people and oil. What is the consequence? Lots more of the dead people. Oil drives his wars. It’s all related. Everything is related. Damn, his anthropologists thought that only meant kinship or something retarded like that. This would be true in the Whiteman’s microcosmic vision of things but everything is related is a way bigger idea than this simple kinship. Like everything is related in Quantum reality. HELLO!! It has been five hundred years we have been saying everything is related and you haven’t taken your recent baby steps in Quantum Mechanics out of the laboratory yet. What’s an Indian to supposed to do? Spell it out for you?” Napi and Spotted Buffalo both laughed at the joke. Both of them knew it was not funny. The paradox

Now that I am free to write and post at will, Napi entries will be weekly rather than random. -James

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Ron WestJanuary 18, 2018 4:25 PM UTC

I knew a Blackfoot who got a new dog. When his mom came to visit, the dog gave her a hard time when she walked to the door (and was lucky not to get shot, a 22 magnum derringer style or equal is in many an old Indian lady's purse) ... in any case, she was cussing the dog in Blackfoot, calling it "dogface' (really bad in Blackfoot language) when her son came to the door and was telling her "but mom, it's not his fault...."
FishstickJanuary 12, 2018 12:12 PM UTC

After reading all the essays about how screwed up and all the problems white men caused I had decided to destroy myself to allivate some of the problem . But after having a DNA test I've discovered that I'm related to the native Americans. Oh hell it just struck me. I've dug up the past and that explains why I'm always at war with myself. I'm in a mess. If I kill the white man it also destroys the Native American in me.