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‘Every Excuse Possible’
Nice Try, FBI - Hoover’s Legacy and the War on Crime (Myth20c - Ep28)

Going through the Myth of the 20th Century archives, I have decided that this is the most missed episode in their canon. Nick’s passion, Adam’s even tone, and Han’s and Hank’s specific research and operational thinking made this investigation of the cornerstone of the American Police State simply excellent.

In case you don’t know, there are numerous TV series which have millions of loyal viewers, in which the FBI are presented as the paladins protecting American innocents from a legion of skulking white male predators. Keep that in mind while you listen to this survey of one of the most evil bodies of law men ever assembled to crush the human soul in the name of “Freedom.”

At minute 1:36:00 and on listen closely to the discussion of why one should never speak to the police and especially not the FBI—which I have—oh no!

Under the God of Things

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Sam J.January 16, 2018 1:06 PM UTC

@Bob and @all

You're right. I'm sorry. Look I've been reading this stuff a long time and can usually see through them. The first few articles I read had really good info with a good deep research, as I said. I thought I had found a good source I read further I realized that it was the same old shit where they tell you a few VERY good pieces of info then fill the rest up with shit and lies. Like buying a big box of peaches where the ones on top are magnificent but as you go down the basket you run into worms. So I goofed on this one. Should have read further before I spoke up.

"...His recourse to ad hominem to stigmatize Kevin MacDonald..."

Anyone who attacks MacDonald, unless it's a technical issue and not the basis ideas of his thesis, is dead to me. I won't believe a word they say.
BobJanuary 15, 2018 11:20 PM UTC

His recourse to ad hominem to stigmatize Kevin MacDonald's scholarship is another. The guy's full of it to the gills.
BobJanuary 15, 2018 11:16 PM UTC

Mathis makes a lot of ridiculous, unsubstantiated claims about all manner of things. His paper on Trump, for example, is replete with suppositions.
Sam J.January 14, 2018 11:33 PM UTC

OK maybe I got a little ahead of myself. I have to apologize. He did have some good articles but I read more and more it seems that every single person that ever died was a faked death, every single person that died in some attack was a fake death, every single person involved in any event seems to be fake. Every single person that talks about conspiracies, except him, is fake. It's just too much. I wonder if this is not another of those sites where they take very good data, catch your interest, and then over load you with fake, fake, fake. He also says pizzagate is fake. Thing is he may be right but I don't believe everything is a conspiracy. I mostly talk about stuff that has several different sources or there's some technical goof like building 7 and like Boston with the backpack blowing up being not even the same as the picture the FBI shows and tells us is the backpack. I have to see something for myself or have a lot of multiple witnesses. It's sad because he starts out good but that's exactly the way fake news sites work. He does have some good stuff there but...

The way you have to deal with news today is exactly like the people did in the USSR. They have to tell you a little truth so piece together the little truths to get a better picture.
Sam J.January 13, 2018 10:42 PM UTC

I found a really good site, so far, by this guy who's a painter, mathematician,alt-physics and some really great conspiracy stuff. He's very good at following leads in conspiracies. If they say so and so was killed or whatever he finds out who their parents were, where they lived. where they worked, all kinds of stuff and surprise, surprise a lot of times it just goes no where. The people don't have any real background or if they do it leads to DHS type outfits. I didn't know this but he checked 50% of the people that were said to have been killed at Vegas and they really don't seem to have been much of anywhere before or they worked at one time at various military or propaganda outfits. He reminds me a lot of Christopher Bollyn who did a lot of 9-11 research. Anyways here's his site. I've read a few of his "Essays 2016 and Updates: and they were good.

Look at his art too. It's really good. Old school stuff.

An interesting story about Christopher Bollyn. I think it very likely single handedly stopped a terrorist attack. When the Malaysian plane was hijacked and disappeared the Jews immediately started saying it was hijacked to Pakistan and was going to Iran. I remember this distinctly. I think it was the head Jew Nuttyyahoo that said so and a former defense minister. Bollyn found out about a second plane bought from the same airlines, same type and painted the exact same way that was flown to Florida earlier before the hijacking to another (((company))). This company was supposedly breaking the plane up for parts and selling them. Of course this makes no sense at all as the plane wasn't that old and it's not like Boeing doesn't make parts for their planes. This plane was flown to France and parked for a while[major error if you want to make money as all planes are flown as MUCH as possible for revenue yet this one was parked]. Then it went too,,,guess...Israel and was parked in a hanger and someone got pictures of it there. How much you want to bet the hijacked plane was going to be rammed into somewhere in Europe? How much? Anyways the whole thing was foiled. Bollyn called the company in Florida and they weren't prepared for him and had silly answers to all his questions. The head of the company left the country and it was made public he was a former IDF commander of some sort. Bollyn is a master at tracking down public records to find out who was who and where they were and how they were related. The guy I gave you a link to does this very well also.
responds:January 14, 2018 11:15 AM UTC

Sam J.,

I find this fascinating and will publish it as an article in such a way as to keep me from being deleted from this nether space, which I do not own, but as we well know, is an ethereal construct subject to the binding and banishing enchantments of the Justice Eating Warlocks of Isengard.