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Crumbs from this Week’s Dissident Feast: 1/13/18

I have decided to limit posts to 5-7 a day. A lot of my stuff is now going straight into books. So much information comes my way, or wells up from the alien egg hatching in my cerebellum, that I will have leftovers each week from among the shorter posts I and others submitted, which will be gathered in a Saturday morning magazine of links and commentary.


Shithole Countries?

By Professor X

Shocking racism from the president of multicult ‘merica, who seems to want more White Nordic blond women with huge tits:

I mean, how could this nation be improved if there is less diversity, and more flowing fair hair, blue eyes, juicy thighs, tight vaginal pleasure holes, soft yielding breasts…aaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!!!!

A 20 year-old student with blue hair, whom I am having a deep relationship with, thought that this article was amusing in a dirty old professor kinda way, but said, “Professor X, you are really getting too old to be writing about that.”Yes, true, but at least I am still doing it.

Amish Conduct Undocumented Shopping Spree

I guess this really turned out to be an “in the neighborhood type of message”.


Poland: Nationalism Rising | Tommy Robinson and Stefan Molyneux

This young man returned from covering a march for God in Poland and was detained by Muslim police” in London.

Tommy Robinson's BANNED speech: "The British Police State"

Hungary’s Orban has the international Left in panic mode

Posted by Ann Corcoran on January 12, 2018

Bitcoin Criticism

-Lili Hun


Check this out. Aydin is from Baltimore

-Mescaline Franklin

Nemesis the Warlock

A Treasure Trove of Robert E. Howard Audio Books

Who would have thought that a sorcerer would come to the rescue of Conan the Barbarian and Bran Mak Morn?

But Nemesis the Warlock is obviously not a conjurer who holds a grudge. For some of the best fantasy, horror and science-fiction readings online, go to the link below.

UFOs, Tesla, Delonge, ETs, Coverups…


So it's either aliens from the stars intervening ( no doubt a reaction to Trump ), or there are liars afoot. Being human and knowing our ways, I'm with Jon on this.

Sent from my dungeon


Steppenwolf – Monster

Something for the apocalyptic writer. I listened to this when I was a kid on a reel-to-reel tape at the library, and it made me think of you.


Myth Of The 20th Century – Episode 52: James LaFond – Sports – Ritual Hegemony

Books by James LaFond

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Sam J.January 15, 2018 1:03 AM UTC

I first found out about these when I heard about the "Dean Drive". I read about it in "Analog Science Fiction Science Fact". Most people say this is buffoonery but the guy who wrote about it, G. Harry Stine, was no fool and was a physicist. I may have even let it go but Stine and another physicist found a equation that described how this thing worked and I kept seeing weird devices that seemed to be working on the same principle. What the Dean drive does is it has two gyros that are accelerated in one direction fast while spinning and then slowly go back to their original position when they return "slowly". The important part is they have an "accelerating" object that is accelerated even further, "surge" or "jerked", then they slowly return. It's the jerk that matters but the thing must be also accelerating. A gyro is accelerating, in a circle. The rail gun just accelerates very fast putting out "inertia" waves that hold the gun mount in place and keeping it form flying backwards. Same as the Lagiewka Bumper makes an inertia field that slows the car and keeps it from being crashed. So all of these are just doing the same thing. I have a book written on the Dean Drive by a person that was a kid who was the best friend of Deans son and he explains the whole thing. Here's a link about the Dean drive. Lots more on the net.

In the 1950's there was a LOT of articles about making space drives that were electromagnetic but right after that they completely disappeared and now if you say anything about a space drive you'll be laughed at. Hmmm...wonder why? If you make one of these don't go telling the Air Force you have one as you will probably disappear. Think of what a massive tech advantage in a war would be to have a really efficient drive that could accelerate without blowing a bunch of air out of a jet engine. It could win a war easy. They don't want anyone to know.

As for hidden energy sources look at this.
Sam J.January 15, 2018 12:34 AM UTC

Now that one was a gyroscope. Here's one that's a sort of twist on the gyroscope. Instead of a gyro moving to affect something this one spins up a gyro to affect something. Lagiewka Bumper. Look at this extraordinary video. If that's not a inertia control device I would be extraordinarily surprised.

It works on the same principle as all the others. It has a straight "rack" gear linked to a flywheel that when the front hits something the gears spin the flywheel very fast. He says it's redirecting the force but what it's really doing is the flywheel is giving out "Inertia????" waves. That this sort of strong force is shown with such a low frequency is a good sign that it can be controlled. He also has lots of other videos. One he runs a Fiat into a wall with his bumper on it and it doesn't hurt the driver at all.

Here's a link to more info from the magnificent Rex Research.

Now this device has been stolen by formula one race car drivers. They're making a shock absorber out of it. If you could use inertia to bleed away shock instead of heat think of the advantages to a race car that wants to save every ounce. They call it an inerter or J-Damper. It's directly stolen from lagiewka as he missed something on his patents.

Another oddity with large acceleration. Rail guns. They don't seem to have an actual recoil force opposite the round firing that's equivalent.

The above says,"...This effect is magnetic, instead of gravitational...", they're wrong, it's the same inertia force. I submit that all of these are the same.

there's more
Sam J.January 15, 2018 12:18 AM UTC

I will show you what I believe to be several anti-gravity, [actually an inertia wave, like an electromagnetic wave, but for matter] drive and tell you how it works. Watch this video. The guy producing it is showing you how you're an idiot for believing it's an anti-gravity device or so he thinks. Pay close attention at 4:02. The professor is picking up 40lbs. over his head. Do you think you could fill a five gallon bucket with water and lift it easily and, most important, slowly without doing a clean and jerk action?

Now physicist say I'm an idiot when I say this is an "inertia" drive. What I mean by inertia I'll explain. When you are on the train and they slam on the brakes you keep flying forward. What makes this happen? You are moving forward and are syncing with the whole universes gravity field. When the train slows you keep going because your "inertia", your syncing and being held by the gravity of the universe, doesn't stop when the train does. You are not held to the train but the universe. This, I believe, is the exact opposite. You are using a device to "push" against the inertia field of the universe. The same one that keeps you going when the train stops.

Physicist say that torque from the spinning wheel moves the force needed away from the end. Let's also assume the physicist are right. All the weight of the bar and wheel will be focused on the handle next to your hand and I repeat even if it does can you pick up a full five gallon bucket of water and smoothly and slowly move it over your head? I don't think so. Now if the physicist say the torque or force is changed to push the bar up then, what is it pushing on???? I say the universe.

There's more.
BobJanuary 13, 2018 8:36 PM UTC

Born Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon, a.k.a. Stephen Lennon, a.k.a. Tommy Robinson, a.k.a. Paul Harris. This guy's an actor, part of the UK's controlled opposition. The EDL is a merely an anti-Islamic, anti-nativist, pro-Jewish and pro-Israel front. Doesn't oppose racial displacement of natives, prefering to focus public anger at "radical Islam". (Functional to war-on-terror repression of nationalists by the State and warmongering in the Middle East.) No appetite whatsoever for repatriating non-observant immigrants from Islamic nations. In fact, it's protective of their rights as new Britons.