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‘The Redneck Recognition Program’
The Checkered Demon Looks Out Upon the Warped and Soon to be Drone-Policed World

OK. I know being judgmental is hate-like, but I can't spare the slack. Good stout line is dear at the factors, and why pay it out to nuts when it could be lent out to a mob who might put it to good use? All these things save ammunition and enhance survival.

Things will come apart a bit, for a bit. It's too absurd not to.

Though it may seem provocative to speak of guns, there will be those who will leave a man and his no choice. I'd say there have been few times since founding when half the country wasn't ready to throttle the other half over something. Lately though...

And then for a bit more, in a free state, a true bowser to convince the knot-heads. The new 20 gauge is lighter and maybe better. Either way, an astounding piece. The loop on the fore end is to keep the hand behind the muzzle.

These three things in a tight family who trained and understood them, would make that family a harsh toke to opportunists. Cheaper than a big screen TV, and intense drama real time.

I thought what I would get if I had a few bucks and needed a gun or two to protect a home. First, a Glock 19. Then, one of these. They take Glock 19 mags.

So I was sitting around like most Fathers I'd imagine, wondering how else I've failed my Son, and I realized that never once did I breast feed him. I don't regret that and he'll have to work it out. To me it's like something Faulkner would have dreamed up, thereby to be shunned.

I taught him to shoot though. You can't tell when the redneck recognition program will send a drone out to sort your ass for drawling. Or worse.

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BobJanuary 15, 2018 3:40 AM UTC

Just as Mr. LaFond has chosen to do.
BobJanuary 15, 2018 3:38 AM UTC

The struggle is primarily cultural and intellectual at this stage, as violent white resistance repels the normie and offers the State its casus belli to make war on dissident subjects. The underdog status is gold. The ruling "victim class" has totally milked this fact.

A potent first strategy for whites is to scale down their incomes, consumption and investment in the status quo.