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Counters for the Hand Blitz
Boxing Answers to a Linear Attack of the Strongman Coming in Behind a Blind Jab to Score the Overhand Right

Now let's reverse the situation. In this case what should the tall man do against this loaded rear hand blitz?

Also does the lead hand trap work for the tall man or does that just set him up to get knocked out?


Framing the Attack

The shorter, stronger opponent

Comes straight in

In a crouch

With a light lead leg to check the leg kick

Behind a rising blind jab too your eyes

In order to set up a falling trap on your lead guard

So he can fire the overhand right to your jaw

Framing the Defense

Do not give up the highline, but deny his trap by aggressively parrying, checking and stopping his blind jab with your guarding hand while countering with your other hand and navigating the combat space by moving left and putting him in your wheel house.

Let's recall that this is against a very strong opponent, so we will not move behind a stiff arm measure or bob under to the left, but stay tall, override his rear hand check from the orthodox guard or with our lead from the southpaw guard. Treat this like a knife attack to the neck, prioritizing the obstruction of his power hand by keeping his lead arm between your center line and his rear shoulder, ideally achieving a straight line travelling from your right shoulder, through his neck to his right shoulder.

Defensive Options, Orthodox

Never take two steps straight back.

All second steps are leftward on the clock

- U-Hustle, 5:30 to 12 o’clock

- Fading behind safety jab, 4 o’clock

- Posted Jab, 3 o’clock

- Side step and jab 3 o’clock

- Check the glove, jab to 2 o’clock [shift]

- Rising check to forearm, sink the shift left to the chin while stepping to 1 o’clock

- A cut-off stop-hit, shovel hook to the chin while passing to 3 o’clock, moving your head off line from the jab, followed by a right cross

Defensive Options, Southpaw

Same step parameters apply.

Southpaw defenses are more aggressive

Always step on, or to the outside of his lead foot.

-Lead check [parry] off 2 o’clock step to cross or safety jab behind a 2 o’clock step or pivot

- Stop check [trap] off 1 o’clock step, to straight heart punch, to power pivot jab

- Slip blind jab and fire the lead left down the middle, stepping to 2 o’clock, followed by philly hook or power jab or safety jab with a pivot, depending on the feel

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