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This One was a False Alarm...But the Next?
By John Saxon

“A false emergency alert in Hawaii that warned the populace to seek immediate shelter due to an incoming ballistic missile not only left people crying and screaming in the streets, it also caused concerned parents to attempt to hide their children in storm drains.

While citizens who were on Twitter were informed that the alert was false within ten minutes, it took upwards of 38 minutes for government officials to officially correct said false alarm with a second text message.”

People were apparently frantically praying for forgiveness for their sins, God bless them:

Who says that prayer does not work?

But, it is not “if,” but “when,” the nuke firecrackers start a cracking.

In any case, radioactive fallout from leaking radioactive waste dumps such as the Runit Dome on the Marshall Islands, one of many leaking nuclear dangers, will polish off all of the Lot-like heroes sitting on their hills watching people like me die, giving them long-suffering deaths, instead of quick deaths:

However, it was not the wise survivalist Lot, who looked back, but his wife, who perhaps gloating over the fate of people like me, became a “pillar of salt”: Genesis 19: 26.

Shit, gloating over people dying really isn’t all it’s cracked up to be and for Christians, may bite you on the bum.

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crackerJanuary 16, 2018 12:16 PM UTC

Lot's wife wasn't gloating, she looked back remorsefully on what she was leaving behind. Jesus referred to her in Luke 17:28-32. also, Lot wasn't really a hero. He was rescued from Sodom by God. In fact, he had to be lead by the hand out of Sodom before God destroyed it. That is more of a picture of God's grace than anything Lot is to be praised for. Lot and his daughters were on the hill being protected by God as He destroyed the inhabitants of Sodom and Gomorrah and all the inhabitants of the plain. God don't play and He will protect His people.