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Dealing with Dope Fiends by Tony Cox

Pesky tweakers on your block? Drug house next door? Do you TRY to mind your own business, only to be hassled, threatened, or annoyed? What’s a good upstanding citizen to do? The cops can’t help you. The day you finally snap and let your violent side out, chances are good that YOU go to jail, and your adversaries win.

Well, here’s a little secret trick from your good buddy Tony.

First, get yourself an old wallet. Put a few bucks in there, don’t be stingy. 8$ or 9$ will do, but my magic number is 13$.

Next, get yourself some dimebags from the head shop, or maybe you have a small ziplock with some screws or something in it at home already?

Final item is Red Devil Lye. Buy this with cash. Don’t use your club card at the supermarket either, you cheapskate!

Put enough lye in the dimebag for a couple good rails. Maybe 1/8th of a gram. No more than 1/4 gram. Subtlety is key here.

Can you guess the rest?

Put the bag of “meth” in the wallet with the money. Then, drop it on the sidewalk in front of the offending house. Chuck it in the yard if it pleases you.

Finally, sit back and watch the show. Trust me, it’s not pretty.

Is this a permanent solution, or an entertaining distraction? Well, that all depends on how much they snort.

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