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Snow Nigga News 1/15/18
On the Job Reparations Recovery Agents Training Camp Initiative

On Saturday, January 13, in honor of The Great Man’s pending birthday, youths from Frederick Douglas High School, the Epicenter of the April 2015 Uprising, decided to put in an extra day of school work. As demonstrated by their exemplary work ethic in defeating the Baltimore City Police in Stone Age battle, and in the grit and single-minded determination to extract Real Race Reparations from the Mondawmin TARGET super store, causing that cracker outfit to fold like an empty carton of saltines and close their racist doors, 30 students gathered for on the job training as Reparations Recover Agents, who are currently specializing in carjacking crackers. This is a force projection method whereby Reparations Recovery Teams target a tenacious Yeti [Mescaline Franklin], aging Polar Bear [Sam J.], straight-up Cracker [Mr. Bob] or even a lowly Snow Nigga [the author], but not a straight up bull of a white nigger [Big Ron, Tony Cox], carjacks there pale ass and then raids into cracker territory.

On Saturday afternoon at 4:07 p.m. Bruce, the new manager at the Mondawmin Supermarket was walking across the lot to his car, which he had parked at a distance [managers do this to avoid having their car keyed], when he noticed that a crowd of 30 or more Yomish teens were gathered around his car, not sitting on it, not looking at it, just socializing in a loose perimeter, even ignoring him as he approached and passed through their perimeter.

Once through the ring of Yomish heroes, Bruce wasted no time getting in and started his car immediately, which was a good thing, for just as his car doors automatically locked when he put it in gear, four—and only four and thus obviously preselected by their training officers—Yomish youth calmly stepped up to the four doors and tried to open them. Only these four moved aggressively, but not loudly or with force, but rather in sneaky wise as the remaining 25-30 Yomish heroes acted as an operational screen, ignoring the car as they mostly looked away, making way for Bruce as he drove off.

No one yelled, cussed, threatened, posed, flashed gang signs, grabbed their balls or did any other acts that might give away their obviously evil intent. Though the lack of automotive knowledge hampered their effectiveness, the operation—especially in defeat—was chillingly calm, cool and collected.

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Sam J.January 17, 2018 10:23 PM UTC

The gov. should subsidize armored personnel carriers for Whites. Along with free steam cleans for attempted attacks.
ShepJanuary 17, 2018 7:19 PM UTC

Howza bout calling police in this situation and reporting a suspected car prowl in progress? Cops show up, Dindus move along, you get in your car which is no longer surrounded.

Of course, this is the Left Coast talking. From what I've read here and elsewhere, our cops are much more dependable and more willing to work than the Harm City constables. So maybe this concept is irrelevant to Bruce's situation.
responds:January 18, 2018 3:50 PM UTC

Actually, there was a cop standing 100 yards away at the front door. This store cannot function without a cop on duty. At this point police response is based on a cop asking himself, "Am I prepared to fire my weapon," because they know there will be resistance.

So far in Baltimore we have had at least two running gun battles between cops and thugs in January, one in the afternoon.
Jeremy BenthamJanuary 16, 2018 12:20 PM UTC

Very interesting! In circumstances like Bruce was confronted with it would seem a good idea to park 'tactically', as they do in the Army. That is to say, back into the parking spot, wherever that is allowed. That way when it's time to leave all you have to do is drive forward once you are safely ensconced behind the wheel. Just fire up the engine, slam it in 'D' and squeal out. Oh, and always lock the doors first thing. Especially if you don't have a footman to keep an eye out while you start the car, as James always suggests.