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Eighteen Hundred and Froze to Death
Fathoming the Disappointment of Global Warming

Two hundred and two years ago, there was The Year Without a Summer; a savage east coast deep freeze drove protestants out of New England and dropped birds from the sky, with summer snows damaging crops across the land. That was the last gasp of what is known as The Little Ice Age, which had run a nearly 500-year course.

Now, 200 years later and a thousand years overdue for the next major ice age, man, despite pumping as much carbon into the atmosphere as possible, has not been able to overpower the sun, to awaken it from its dozing nap.

How can we bare to live in a world where we are less powerful than the blazing inferno of millions of nuclear detonations?

How can mankind be contented upon a world where God is not shackled like Gulliver to the polluted beach of our Lilliputian will?

With rivers icing up and overflowing their banks in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast, up to a hundred water main breaks a day in Baltimore, Florida wildlife freezing in palm tree and manatees huddling together in their lagoons and estuaries, acorns having fallen six weeks too soon on the Chesapeake Bay, Man it seems is not above God as decreed in the sacred document of our debt slavery society, the Magna Carta.

In the 1990s the government, media and academia preached the gospel of perpetual lineal subjugation of the Earth by Man, of forever hotter manmade global warming.

Man denies God.

Then, in the 2000s came the gospel of Man Made Climate Change, inferring that climate has forever and anon been stable, that wooly mammoths lived side-by-side with T-Rex.

Man declares that Man is God.

A decade later, with steadily falling global temperatures and the growth of alpine and Antarctic glaciers, the priesthood of The God of Things turns inward, embracing the cult of genital and chemical sexual, self-mutilation, directing Mankind toward the Nirvana of Masturbatory Extinction.

What could possibly go wrong?

That the ice might not mass in scudding, decadence-scouring mountains to sweep the teeming filth that is the cancer of Civilization.

Atheist or theist, whether our reduction comes from the instinct of a self-balancing planetary organism or the will of God, Man will have reaped what his greedy forbearers sowed.

A symptom of our current collective God delusion, the conceit that the earth and sun cringe before us like pets, is the reduction, loss and antipathy toward traditional honor systems, which always stress the heroic and place the hero at a crux of judgment, a situation where he is buffeted by forces superior to his prowess and judged by those wiser than he. This sentiment is alien to the modern mode of thought, which is based on the infantile doctrines of entitlement and guilt.

Under the God of Things

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BobJanuary 17, 2018 6:16 PM UTC

Chicken Little fillets on special today in the frozen goods section.
ShepJanuary 17, 2018 4:39 PM UTC

Thought-provoking, James. Excellent tie-in at the conclusion.