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Gender Politics Resources
A Young Lady Seeks Advice from...LaFond?

An e-mail exchange:

"Do you have any resource suggestions for understanding gender politics (if that’s the correct term)?

"I’m so confused by the whole thing."

"Thank you!"

-Darla, 1/17/18

Black Pigeon Speaks does a whole series of gender politics videos. Politically he is not on the Right like your step father.

The thing to understand is that gender poitics have come in 4 waves:

-Sufferage, 1900-1930

-Legal Equality, 1960s

-Female social preference, 1980s

-LBGT, or gender negation, 2010s

In broad spectrum terms what gender politics is supposed to do is promise to take a woman from your grandmother's situation with her first husband [basically being a neglected servant] to what she had with her second husband [a healthy loving and mutually supporting union]. But in actuality, that is mostly bi-passed and eventually negated to get to what your mother has experienced [first a philandering pretty boy, and now a man with diametrically opposed values] and what you are experiencing—a dearth of strong, kind, balanced men. Men require a lot of male-specific social structure to keep them mentally healthy and women generally require that kind of man in their life to maintain their mental health.

The ultimate goal is the destruction of the nuclear family which was the weapon that destroyed the extended family. The eradication of family is key to constructing a social hive in which all humans are atomized and identify only with the central leadership organism.

I hope everything is looking up, Darla.

Good luck.

-James 1/18/18

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BobJanuary 19, 2018 6:00 PM UTC

I'd also include this panoramic analysis, which puts monogamy and companionate marriage at the center of Western civilization.
Sam J.January 19, 2018 12:26 AM UTC

James that has got to one the most succinct and accurate answers on gender politics I've seen. JR's comments are very good also especially link #1. Classic.
JRJanuary 18, 2018 7:56 PM UTC

Not to tread in a personal matter, hopefully, but for any girl who wants to get it from the horses mouth—all male-centric, except #1:

1) F. Roger Devlin, Sexual Utopia in Power



(probably familiar resources...)

I heard that it was the invention of the bicycle that first loosened sexual mores, in that it gave young men and women the ability to get out from their adult chaperones. It sounds a bit fanciful now to think the humble bicycle upset the apple cart, especially when you consider the backseat of a 67 Chevy (?). eg (ThKelly and John Adams...)

Nelson Rockefeller had a big hand in promoting this break up of the old order through his heavy sponsorship of bicycle magazines in the late 1800s. The point being—it doesn't take much money for the oligarchs to move and change the society—like the hand on the steering wheel of the battleship, the force is tiny to turn the ship by slow degrees.

Rockefeller was also sponsoring the temperance movement—he didn't want ethanol being a competitor to Standard Oil, in the early days, when bets were being placed on what fuel would drive the automobile age.

Interestingly, the Amish have strict morality and clearly defined roles for each sex, which they've managed by controlling access to technology, not because they're Luddites but because of what it does to community cohesion, like the bicycle.

As mores were getting loosened, on the way to our present day Sodom and Gomorrah, things were getting a lot less free by Temperance; and the passage of the Mann Act (outlawing prostitution). And the oligarchs knew what they were doing and why.