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God is Great, Mate
Table Scraps #2

See what happened to these colonists when they discontinued slavery?

-Checkered Demon

Yesterday I was mesmerized at the absolute train wreck of posts that say women who don’t see trans women as 100% women deserve a slow painful death. It won’t even count as murder, because those transphobic women aren’t people.

This is not a new opinion either.

I don’t even know what to say anymore.


First world police idiocy, turning the asphalt jungle green. I find it soothing to listen to AM radio out of LA for the traffic reports. Worst place to be and I'm not there.

The Way Back Machine href="">

Found this fiction on the way back machine and thought it'd be up your alley. Cheers!

God is Great

Good Fences with Baruch

The YouTube and blog post will take longer.

Spiritual Hygiene

Not sending everything she writes, but these last 3 have been hot news about pissed globalists meddling in survival-minded countries’ business.

Just heard on a Hungarian radio station, that I won’t listen to again, a leftist’s broken record views on the situation. So they’re everywhere, even in countries with strong leaders who enforce cultural preservation. Of course, Hungary has the bogus Soros “university,” and I don’t know if Soros has infiltrated Slovakia, Poland, and Israel in the same way.


Austria: Mahmoud took the money and went home!

Posted by Ann Corcoran on January 14, 2018

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