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I, Robot
By Professor dy/dx

Even if the ecological nightmares spoke about by other do not occur, my psychopathic colleagues are set to destroy us, with AI set to replace every job you can think of:

“Dr Subhash Kak – a Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Oklahoma University – previously said robots could replace humans at "literally all jobs".

But now he has exclusively revealed why this would create a world of despair, and it would render human nature meaningless and surplus to requirements.

Kak told Daily Star Online: "The beginnings of the dystopia are already there.

"There will be massive unemployment. People want to be useful and work provides meaning, and so the world will sink into despair.

"Policy makers have begun to speak of a minimum guaranteed income with everyone provided food, shelter, and a smart phone, and that will not address the heart of the problem."

Kak points to modern drug use and young people turning to extremists groups such as ISIS as a consequence.

And he believes that autonomous robots may be able to create jobs that humans haven't even thought of.

He told us: "In my view, the current opioid and drug epidemic in the US is a manifestation of this despair.

"Likewise, phenomena such as ISIS are a response to the meaninglessness that people find in a world devoted only to the cult of the body.

"Some say that current phase of automation will create new kinds of jobs that we cannot even think of.

"The current revolution is replacing the thinking human and so its impact on society will be enormous."

Killer robots would attempt to eliminate the human race, seeing us, and organic life, as taking up space that could be better used for computers, or a vast one-world computer system:

Those who support unending progress and evolution have the nice paradox of having to accept the replacement of the human race, and all biological life as just part of evolutionary development.

Will the elites attempt to upload their demonic spiritual essence (neural software) into thinking machines, or will advanced AI simply eliminate them too? Hopefully, a clean run will be made on things.

Turd America

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