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‘The Hosts’
Becoming Conscious: A Review of HBO's Westworld - Operation Reinhard

This “dissident Right wing” examination of the HBO series Westworld is structured as an introduction to the philosophic view of consciousness. The reality that any such artificial world built for the experiential pleasure of humans will have a creator, or God figure, marks this story concept as far superior to the infantile “Hollow Deck” subplots of my most hated science fiction series, Star Trek: The Next Generation. Reinhard’s introduction to the concept of the Bicameral mind and his well-illuminated brief makes Becoming Conscious—this being a state of mind that our rulers are now pushing hard to suppress and eventually erase—one of the best and briefest introductions to human thought I have been treated to.

The discussion of initiation into an aware state, suffering and transformation triggered by sorrow and eventually direct actionism, the enemy of any secular, earthbound deity—in our lives, manifested by The Deep State—was fascinating.

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