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A Limp Down Memory Lane
Recalling Attacks on Me in 2017

Violence has changed so much, as it is directed at me, partly because I have become older looking and unfit. So I will only consider last year. During all of these aggressions I was seriously impaired by injury. I will use these as my training focus for the coming hunting season, once I am out and about again.

In brackets is the tactic used with any weapon deployed.

1. Black: 1, Northern & Harford, 5:30 a.m., Big goon with injured knee tried to blindside me, cane defense [shoulder load]

2. Black: 1, Eastern Avenue at Mount Carmel, 4:40 a.m., blocked path with unseen weapon, avoided by circling round with cane at the ready, was armed with razor and knife

3. Black: 3, Eastern Avenue and Old Eastern, 4:30 a.m., threatened from car, circled back, defense by evasion, armed with cane and razor

4. Black: 3, 1with knife, 11:50 p.m., Stemmers & Old Eastern, knife defense [hold]

5. Black: 5, Harford & Evergreen, 3 p.m., blocking my path, closing defense, armed with knife

6. Black: 3, Harford & Bayonne, 3 p.m., blocking my path, closing defense, armed with knife

7. Black: 1 youth on bike, Eastern Avenue on Middle River Bridge, 12:20 a.m., shining light in my face and questioning me, knife defense [hold]

8. Black: 2, Stemmers & Old Eastern, 11:50, followed me, umbrella defense, [in guard]

9. Black: 2, Loch Raven & Mussulla, 9:45 p.m. approached me, umbrella defense [brandished, presented as bayonet]

10. Pit Bull: 1, Loch Raven & Cottage, 10 p.m., umbrella defense, [two stabs]

11. Black: 2, White & Harford, 2 p.m., approached in echelon, knife defense [hold]

12. Black: 2, Northern & Glen Oak, 10:20 p.m., approached & threatened verbally, knife defense [low ready]

13. Black: 1 massive bull, Stemmers & Old Eastern, 12:10 a.m., approach, knife [hold]

14. White: 1, Old Eastern by Park, threatened me for disrespect, I silently deescalated, was armed with umbrella, knife and razor

15. Black: 2, Harford and Christopher, 8:15 a.m., converging approach, cane defense [readied for rising butt stroke] was armed with knife and razor

16. Black: 4, Eastern Avenue on Middle River Bridge, 11:15 p.m., fanned out to converge on me, 1 flexing, 1 drawing a knife, cane defense [readied for rising butt stroke on lead bull and he balked

17. White: 3, Eastern Avenue & Stemmers Run, 4:55 a.m., threatened me looking for a fight, silently deescalated, was armed with knife, razor and leaning on cane

18. Black: 1, Old Eastern & Stemmers, 11:55 pm., swift, opportunistic approach, faced him down while leaning on cane with two hands. He went to an ambush position to wait for me to pass and I approached with palmed razor, causing him to run away

19. Black/White: 1/1, Glenoak & Westfield, 10:10 p.m., doubled tied up behind me and tried to circle behind when I turned to face them, cane defense on Skidmark and verbal defense on Cumstain.

20. Black: 2, heavyweight bulls, Eastern Avenue & Old Eastern, 12:20 a.m., approached me shoulder to shoulder, cane defense [braced shoulder load guard, caused them to back off]

Of 20 Aggressions

The above 20 aggressions are broken down from social, to approach and resolution

Darkness or Daylight

3 attacks by day [all half-hearted]

17 attacks by night, mostly determined

Racial Breakdown

17 were black on white

2 were white on white

1 was black & white on white

Socio Economic Breakdown

11 attackers obviously more affluent

6 attackers on rough parity with the target

3 attackers obviously poorer than the target

Fitness, Attacker verses target

19 attackers were obviously more fit

1 attacker had rough fitness parity

0 attackers were less fit

Attacker to Defender Odds

7 = 1-1

7 = 2-1

4 = 3-1

1 = 4-1

1 = 5-1

13 of 20 were mass aggressions


1 unaware of attacker [#1]

19 aware of aggression

Approach from Least to Most Aggressive

2 passing

½ waiting

2 blocking

3 ½ following

6 head-on

2 blindside

1 searching

3 converging

0 surrounding


0 Both unarmed

0 aggressor armed, defender unarmed

7 Both armed

13 defender armed, aggressor unarmed


15 neither verbal

4 aggressor verbal

1 both verbal

0 defender verbal

Successful Defensive Postures

If more than one was used the decisive posture will be noted.


0 Fleeing

2 Evading

1 Walking away

1 Backing away [1]


10 Standing Ground with weapon

4 closing with weapon

2 Waiting in Ambush

Physical Contact

1 contact

19 No contact


The most prominent risk factors are:

-Fitness, [size, youth, health] 19-1

-Darkness, 17-3

-Race, 17.5-2.5 black on white

-Group 13-7

The most important defensive factor are:

-Armed, 20-0

-Awareness, 19-1 the big blindside aggressor

-Silent, 19-1

-Aggressive posture, 16-4


1. The only time I made contact [stabbing the pit bull twice] it was not the decisive element, rather my backing away around a tree and into a street was the decisive act

Rubbing Out Palefaces

Moral Minority Survival at the End of Caucasian Time Paperback

Welcome to Harm City, White-Boy

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BobJanuary 20, 2018 8:32 AM UTC

Right. But, say, in # 11, "knife defense (hold)" - does that mean you've gripped the knife but it's still in the pocket or is it drawn and hugging thigh/hip? Thanks.
responds:January 20, 2018 3:52 PM UTC

Hold is a term I used in The Logic of Steel, designating a drawn weapon that is concealed in a defensive guard, where the ready is drawn and concealed during an aggressive approach.
BobJanuary 19, 2018 6:51 PM UTC

Thanks for that breakdown. What is not clear to me from the figures is whether the possession of a knife was explicitly signaled to the aggressor or whether its deterrent effect was indirectly communicated through confident posture alone? Crocodile Dundee or Folsom Prison?
responds:January 20, 2018 5:34 AM UTC

Never. ever, ever—only an idiot with a knife is explicit about it.

Remember, unless one is an A-list stage actor, pretending to have a knife when one does not, will not translate into a confident posture.