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‘Witness Our Hands’
Three Runaway Gaels in Plantation America

Virginia Gazette

(Parks), Williamsburg,

From August 7 to August 14, 1746.

RAN away from the Subscribers on the 31st of July last, Three Servants, viz. Daniel M'Craw, a Scots-Highlander, [1] of a short Stature, speaks broken English, about 5 Feet 2 Inches high, of a swarthy Complexion, with short curl'd Hair:

Had on when he went away, a coarse Bear-skin Coat, with Brass Buttons, a Pair of brown Linen Trowsers and Shirt.

He belonged to Mr. Charles Dick, in Fredericksburg.

John Ross, a Scots-Highland Boy, about 16 Years of age, of a ruddy Complexion, full-fac'd, speaks broken English, and has his Hair cut:

He carried with him an Oznabrig Shirt, a Pair of Oznabrig Trowsers and Breeches, a Tartan Waistcoat without Sleeves, lin'd with green Shalloon, a brown Holland and a white Linen ditto, a Silk Handkerchief, a Felt Hat, and a Leather hunting Cap.

He belonged to Mr. John Mitchell, in Fredericksburg.

Thomas Haily, an Irishman, about 36 Years of Age, of a fair Complexion, about 5 Feet 8 Inches high;

had on when he went away, a dark colour'd Broad-Coath Coat, double-breasted with Metal Buttons, a Pair of Trowsers, an Oznabrig Shirt, a white Linen ditto, and a fine Beaver Hat.

He belonged to Doctor William Lynn, in Fredericksburg.

Whoever apprehends the said Servants and brings them to their Masters aforesaid, shall receive a Pistole [2] Reward for each, besides what the Law allows.

Witness our Hands [3] this 21st Day of July, 1746. Charles Dick. William Lynn. John Mitchell.


1. This man was one of the many prisoners of war sold into slavery after the Scottish Jacobite uprising of 1745-6, probably captured after the Battle of Culloden, 16 April 1746 in.

2. A Spanish gold dabloon worth 18 shilling to the 20 shilling pound. These servants were not stated to be indentured and were described as property. This is a low reward, perhaps resulting from the glut of POWs sold in the Plantations over the course of the summer.

3. The joining together in a runaway complaint to save expenses indicates that these owners were not wealthy.

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