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Hawaii is Proof
That We Need a Real ICBM Strike
... and why I don't bother with fallout shelters anymore
The false Alarm for incoming Missiles couldn't have happened to nicer people. Remember yourself that Hawaii is a heavily subsidized Holiday and Indian Resort where shitlibs go if they want the illusion of exotic tropical island vipe while not forgo the affluent luxuries of the first world, while at the same time talking about the long and strong and vibrant culture of Hawaii, like sacrificing virgins to an angry volcano god.
The ultimate human sacrifice was the culture itself, now being an burned out husk of itself ridden with alcoholism and other substance abuse, that gets cart out like a beaten old dancing bear for tourists. If your culture sticks around long enough, it becomes a theme park. And it was an Hawaii district Judge who blocked Trumps travel ban, signaling utopian do-gooderism while being as far away from the consequences as
It couldn't have happened to nicer people.
How these sunshine and Chi Chi people then fell to their knees and prayed to a neglected god for forgiveness paints a rather amusing picture. It also gives you an idea what kind of people could escape the erasing furry of an ICBM strike.
There is enough space in your fallout shelters for Negroids with AIDS and shitlib Bugman Jim Carrey. There isn't even divine justice in the apocalypse anymore.
There weren't even some end-of-days Actions taken by those with nothing to lose or different aspirations then survival, like hacking up ones boss or ex-wife, going postal and stuff like that. I often think places like this are drained of life long before the actual Missiles hit.
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