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Turd World America
Shit Hole Survey: A Radio Free Dindustan Special Report by Jeremy Bentham

Shithole Country Update.

Turd World America. San Francisco turned into shit sanctuary city. No doubt one of the many reasons why the denizens of ‘New California’ are eager to separate from the SoCal coastal socialist people’s republic.

“Public urination is so widespread it has damaged subway elevators and escalators, building walls and power poles.”

“When did the gleaming jewel that was San Francisco become a repository for poop? Mayor Willie Brown terminated ordinances; city district Attorney Terence Hallinan would not prosecute “victimless” crimes involving drugs and prostitution.”

San Francisco Requires Poop Maps To Help Pedestrians Avoid Human Waste

Fatal brawl triggered by woman urinating on Toronto street: Crown

Apocalypse Update.

“No Hay Gasolina!” Oil rich Venezuela is out of gasoline?

“According to the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries, the highest proven oil reserves in the world, including non-conventional oil deposits, are in Venezuela.”

“Gentlemen: There is no more gasoline in Venezuela. In Venezuela, we are out of gas. In Venezuela, there is no gas oil. In Venezuela, there are no lube oils,” said Iván Freites in a televised press conference. Freites is the secretary of the professional and technician division of the United Federation of Venezuelan Petroleum Workers.

Venezuela Is Out Of Gas

Posted on January 16, 2018 by Anonymous Conservative

Inevitable, given they are defaulting on debts:

Bitchez be Crazy Update.

She’s the ‘Mary Read’ of the porch pirates.

Dallas model, bartender accused of being 'porch pirate'

© Provided by Fox News Kelli Russell, 33, was arrested for allegedly stealing packages in a Dallas neighborhood.

Jihad Update.

Sweden Offers Grenade Amnesty

Open borders and vintage Balkan hand grenades are being blamed for a crime wave in Sweden

Posted on January 15, 2018 by Anonymous Conservative

Shithole Country Update.

Mexican columnist is stabbed 21 times in front of family, underscoring deadly risks faced by journalists

Life In Dindustan Update.

WATCH: Two Men Try To Rob 7/11 Using Fake Gun. Security Guard Shoots Them With Real Gun.

711 robbery with a twist... it's Truck Turner

Don’t bring a fake gun to a gunfight.

The Logic of Steel Paperback


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ShepJanuary 21, 2018 10:40 PM UTC

Regarding fake guns in a gunfight...remember this scene?

The white actor in the scene is Vinnie Jones, long-time pro soccer player known as the dirtiest player in the English Premier League.