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War is a Racket
Smedley Butler Audio Recordings and Biographies

In 2012 I reviewed War is a Racket by Smedley Butler, and when Ron West included a video reading of a passage from Butler’s much overlooked book in USA's Pirate Culture, I searched for it as a repost to no avail. So aside from adding that I would not be surprised if Butler were one of the first casualties of the Deep State, and conveniently died before WWII, I have fished up audio readings and biographies of War is a Racket and its author. Also, in light of my above suspicion, there would be slight reason to assassinate Butler to make way for war, as the false flag of Pearl Harbor was certainly engineered to counter American bitterness over WWI and fit into his contention that one should only fight to defend our homes and the Bill of Rights. Ironically, those two items have not been fought for in this nation since 1865 and loom ominously as a cause of the growing civil war.

Under the God of Things

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Sam J.January 22, 2018 4:50 PM UTC

I don;t know if this is the whole book but here's some audio of Smedley Butler. Here's the search address and below that is one of the audio files.[]=mediatype%3A%22audio%22

It's 60MB or so mp3 it might be him reading the whole book.