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A Lament
A Teacher Recalls Harm City High

I’m so glad that teaching is over for me.

You can’t give Jerome a 50, even though he did nothing but goof off in class and never turned in a single homework assignment. So you have to pass him along and he gets his 60, though he didn’t earn.

On the other hand, if Johnny does all of his class work, turns in all of his homework, but doesn’t quite grasp the subject, all you can give him is a 60—or you’re misleading him. The message to Johnny is why bother. You also can’t place a recommendation for him to be placed in a trade school, because every American is supposed to go to college and get a degree.

The entire school system is run to cater to the black student and all the black student does is show up when he pleases, disrupt class, attack other students and cash in his free lunch card. It’s heartbreaking and I’m blessed to be out of it.

Baltimore County, MD, 1/19/18

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