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‘Formerly the Property of Mr. Hugh Houston’
Another in the Legion of Non-Indentured Servants Enslaved in Plantation America

Virginia Gazette

(Pinkney) Williamsburg,

October 20, 1774.

RUN away from the subscriber, in Fredericksburg, a servant man named TAOMAS OGLE, by trade a shoemaker, about 5 feet 6 inches high, of a pale complexion, speaks soft and low, says he is an Englishman, but by his make he appears to be an Irishman, his hair (if any on) is short, and of a brownish colour, has a scar in his face, or forehead, not larger than a straw, and, as well as I remember, about an inch long, he is very artful, and capable of imposing on most people;

took with him a Virginia cloth coat of cotton, filled with red, a red jacket, leather breeches, and several other cloaths. He has a burn on his right leg, near his knee.

The said fellow was formerly the property of Mr. Hugh Houston, of Fredericksburg.

Whoever takes him up, if out of Spotsylvania county, shall receive a HALF JOE reward, [2] on delivering him at my house; or if at a distance too far to convey him for that money, reasonable charges will be allowed. BENJAMIN JOHNSTON.


1. This man is not an Indentured Servant, as most runaway servants were not.

2. A gold coin formerly used as currency in Portugal, first issued in the early 18th century after King John V. Uncertain of the exchange rate into pounds.

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