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Whitebreadistan Report
Prospects for Postmodern Palefaces with Jeremy & James

Drug War Update.

Koran Peoples?

Big heroin bust leads to arrest of Baltimore man, $405K seized

Suspected Baltimore drug dealer linked to several overdoses in region

Updated: 9:46 AM EST Jan 23, 2018

Heroin, cash seized in Koran Peoples arrest

SOURCE: Harford County Sheriff's Office

Vibrant Diversity Update.

Fascinating! Anonymous Conservative explains why every western democracy these days has its share of cucks and traitors who seem to want nothing more than to see their own people disadvantaged and dispossessed. Even among a cohesive and insular group of people like Israeli Jews.

“The problem arises when this migratory psychology finds itself in a wealthy land, where migration is no longer necessary, or advantageous. They have no land of greater resource availability to migrate to, so they stay put. But they still have those r-selected migrant urges to surround themselves with strange and unusual novel cultures, ingratiate themselves with the strangers belonging to clear out-groups, as they demean and castigate their own people as inferior and backward, even compared to migrants with half the IQ, twice the violence, and none of the decency.”

“These left-wing Israeli cucks, fat on the free resources produced by their people, and enjoying the safety provided by the IDF soldiers who’d risk all to defend their homeland, have triggered a mixture of r-selected rabbit genes, epigenetic triggers, and environmental modeling of their brains. Now they have the r-selected migrant psychology. The instincts this has produced are so ingrained they will replace the Israeli citizens who would never hurt them with low IQ migrant savages from the biggest shithole on earth, and destroy the very wealth, safety, and security that has produced their own weak, defective psychology, and allowed it to survive.”

Read more…

Israel Has A Cuck Problem Too

Posted on January 22, 2018 by Anonymous Conservative

Again, r and K are everywhere:

Rabbis launch movement to protect African migrants from deportation

Milo said it so it must be right. LOL!

AWKWARD: New DNA Analysis Reveals Original Native Americans Were White

An infant who lived at the end of the last ice age in present day Alaska belonged to a previously unknown group of ancient humans most closely related to modern day white Europeans.

Vibrant Diversity Update.

God-Emperor Trump has slowed down the invasion and bought us more time through his executive orders. However, if the ‘refugee’ system is not permanently reformed by act of Congress this is likely only a temporary respite, lasting only as long as Trump is in office.

Refugee numbers down 70% under Trump

Good News Update.

“The future is so bright I’ve gotta wear shades.”

Good news! We’re not extinct yet.

Well, like the man said, the white birth rate was bound to go up eventually. Once all the non-maternal, feminist white women removed themselves from the gene pool, eh?

Here in the Whitebreadistan Midwest one sees more and more millennial age white women with two or three small children in tow. With the economy improving we’ll probably see even more white couples deciding it’s time to have kids. It’s expensive for whites to have children given that they are not as heavily subsidized as non-whites in that regard. Logically, encouraging white births is something the government ought to do since it is white tax payers that support the welfare state. If all the whites should go the way of the Passenger Pigeon who would pay those taxes?

To top it off I believe one of the biggest problems American whites experience when they procreate these days is that they invariably attract the attention of childless busybodies. Self-appointed experts on child-rearing who are wont to pester them with all manner of lame unsolicited advice. There ought to be a law against that!

White Births Rebound

Ghetto Grocery Delivery

Retired Ghetto Grocer Update.

There is something to be said about the convenience of having bulk consumable supplies delivered right to your doorstep.

On the downside more online shopping is liable to mean more porch pirates cruising the residential areas in search of easy plunder.

What say you James?

Will millennials kill Costco?

Indeed Jeremy, I hear the slide of a box cutter being deployed to unwrap a pallet, the clatter of pen on clipboard—the clatter of the clipboard on the floor when LaLa’s tramp-stamped cinnamon ass swished by…

I’m retired, that’s right, no more impulse control exams in the hood—yes, of course, groceries delivered to your front door instead of making that weekly haul at the big buy feedlot emporium.

Jeremy, let’s look at this progressively, shall we?

We are at Stage 1 of Suburban blight, typified by non-aggressive porch pirates looting your unoccupied stoop while you slave away in that big brain farm in the sky.

Stage 2: Your package will be raided for the receipt and use to hack into your account and have groceries delivered elsewhere.

Stage 3: The hoodrats will start waiting for you to take in your packages and use that impeded door opening to stage a home invasion, which the police will characterize as a burglary.

Stage 4: As your neighbors increasingly come to consist of hoodrats immigrating from the city you will notice that only some of your groceries have been taken.

Stage 5: After stage 4 persists for a while you will find, within your half empty grocery box on your porch a letter something like:

“Dear white people, what is up with dese Hershey bars? Order Buttafinga bars—and dat Purex daytergant en Irosh Sprang is makin my mamma’s unda breastesses itch—could yo please buy Tide an get some Dove soap bars up in here? PS: could yo switch to Tuesday delivery please. Ma ass is hung ova from drinkin on Sunday an breakin into yo trifling inadequate shit is hard work.

Stage 6: when the shithole economy finally gets to your subdivision, you will find the UPS man laying next to an empty truck at the turn around and can head over to Tyrone’s shopping cart in the alley to buy your groceries.

I’m not kidding Jeremy.

I know UPS drivers who have quit to save their lives. When their numbers double to deliver all these orders it will be like shooting albino gold fish at the Chinese restaurant in that big-ass aquarium…

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