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‘To Be Labeled’
Extended Interview: Renegade biker CJ Anderson

“Fuck that [outlaw biker] life. Be a Gypsy.”

CJ Anderson is much more like the real bikers I have known than those portrayed in films and documentaries. The exception is that he is a skilled fighter and actual pro boxer. I have trained one boxer who was patched into a motorcycle club because of his fighting skill and he informed me that none of the hundred odd bikers he knew could fight a lick, that he was literally able to take them all on one after the other and toy or KO them at his leisure but that most even declined to train or test themselves with this much smaller man.

The fact is that the bikers I have known cared about their family first and had ambivalent feelings about the clubs that they either belonged to, prospected for or were associated with.

One of my friends was a karate instructor who was asked to be a combat instructor for the pagans, he found out a polite way to decline so as not to ruin his brother’s drug-dealing trade with the Pagans. It was his opinion that teaching karate to these criminals would be a dishonorable act.

The fascinating thing about Outlaw Motorcycle clubs and the regular MCs, which they often recruit prospects from and which are usually packed with cops, is that they do keep alive the notion of tribal, collective honor and that such honor is, in part, built on individual honor derived from deeds, such as picking a fight with a known badass.

JC is admittedly not the brightest guy in the world and charmingly operates under no visible pretensions, despite his individual tribal displays. Take a close look at his bike for clues.

As far as brawling goes, as seen in three of the videos below, note how easily the overweight and out of shape former boxer levels the much younger Hells Angel with one punch. As boxers usually do in street situations, CJ does not jab, but lays in a clean power punch as tough guys are so easy to hit, especially the one who has to grab you first before he hits you. Note CJ’s cagey reticence and how he rocks his weight back in conversation so he has it to shift forward. Also note that by not jabbing but throwing the right first, his left hand is clear to deal with a knife in case that is in order.

After looking at how easily old CJ drops the heavyweight Hells Angel in the bar, note how tough his opponent is in his filmed fight, eating about a hundred such punches and not going down. The shock delivered by a wrapped and gloved hand is more likely to KO than that of a bare fist. CJ had a real nice blind jab to body hook and was able to double up on hooks by springing off the balls of his feet with each follow on hook, which was done by other stocky fighters of the previous era like Frazier.

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