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‘I Am Darkness’
Gray State by Erik Nelson

Previously subtitled: The Fate of Gray State the Unmade Movie

Netflix generally publishes documentaries that reflect poorly on Caucasian manhood, so I expected this story of a man, some fans believe might have been killed by the Deep State for his stillborn movie project, to end indictingly for dissident paleface kind.

An Iraq and Afghan army veteran who married a Muslim girl, who became Christian and then accompanied him into a kind of generic, paranormal-fueled spirituality, has spent his entire postwar life—most of his adult life—devoted to producing a near-future, dystopian movie and people were surprised that he offed himself and his family?

There is a claim that there was no evidence of PSTD, however, David Crowley’s entire, deeply obsessive involvement in the making and marketing of a movie—in that the effort focused primarily on marketing and did not ever seem to involve a script—that was certainly reflective of his deep post-service angst, spoke of nothing else.

Early in the movie David is shown before a wall in his home that served as a post-it note story board. This was instructive, when he declared that people who wrote a story in any other fashion had a much better command of that art than he did. Well, just about everybody writes with a keyboard or pen and paper, not a wall with stickers. Eerily, David’s plot device resembled a liner version of a law enforcement white board. [Nod to the Deep State assassination theory.] When discussing the movie, for which hundreds of hours of trailer material seems to have been filmed, David—in the hands of the documentary filmmaker—suggests that the seeds of his own suicide were already deeply planted and germinating. He seemed to be keyed into the heroic journey in a fashion evocative of Campbell and Evola, that necessarily transcends mortality and it is suggested subtly in the documentary that he conducted his own ancient Aryan style barrow mound burial attended by his earthly household beyond.

That Crawley managed to get tens of thousands of fans and two Hollywood investors onboard for a movie for which a script did not yet exist was nothing short of amazing, demonstrating to this viewer, early on, that he was both a masterful promoter and utterly lacking in the discipline of writing. I remain dumfounded that over 60K was given and millions promised for a movie to be scripted by a student film-maker who seems to have never produced a script before. One might call Crowley a mastermind of projecting a joint shared delusion.

Most of the people who want to write a book, never do.

Most who begin writing a book never produce one.

Furthermore, as someone who has written almost 150 books and am utterly incapable of writing a script—which requires an in-depth understanding of many other arts associated with filmmaking, which I entirely lack—I can’t believe how many people fell for Crowley’s dream, which it most emphatically was, a dark dream at that, which does say something for how many folks believe in the Deep State and how few understand the requirements of writing feature-length material for any medium. After some time he was being castigated by Facebook fans for not producing the script.

In the end, the police and the filmmaker decided that David Crowley murdered his wife and child and then killed himself after writing “Allah Akbar” in his wife’s blood on their living room wall.

Some of his follows believe that David and his family were murdered by the Deep State.

However, what seems more likely from the evidence presented in the film, is that David and Komel Crowley entered into a suicide pact based on their own psychological state—which seems to have been shared in various dark shades—and that they decided on murdering their innocent, and already scarred, daughter as well.

The daughter was filmed by her father having raging fits of loneliness as he spied on her like a documentary filmmaker rather than parenting, just as his wife was filmed speaking of otherworldly voices and poltergeist-like phenomena.

If you believe in devils and ghosts maybe there is something there.

If you believe in The Deep State killing people who speak out, well, there are a lot of examples better than this—which, granted, could be a Deep State hit. But why kill this guy when he obviously wasn’t going to produce a movie script, let alone the movie?

It seems like the only victims here were of a tormented child by screwed up parents and the trust of 40,000 inductees into a shared delusion of a shared fiction projected about something that is painfully not a delusion, but a reality, The Deep State, the Police State, a Gray State if you will, is made all the more powerful in the minds of its human livestock every time some man who lacks the discipline to look into evil and remain human, keeps looking into that dark, Goddamned hole in our collective soul.

Gray State - Official Concept Trailer

The Deep State Theory

This is worth consideration, although I don’t accept it all. The theories for David's death and that of his family at the hands of government agents involve a level of hands on, staged mind control which I regard as impractical at our current tech level. However, I did write this concept as a novel with Erique Watson titled Retrogensis, and do believe, barring a planetary disaster of some kind, that our governments will evolve to this level of function before mid-century.

RetroGenesis: And Morning Came: The Thanatos Trajectory

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Sam J.January 27, 2018 1:36 AM UTC

A lot of things we're told they piece together from various data points, true or not, then tell us a conclusion.

Step back. How many Fathers kill their wives and their little girls? There's a lot links, mostly seem to be from major news, that talk about people with PTSD killing people but how many vets that saw combat get PTSD?

I don't know the answers here but I really don't trust the media. They lie constantly.
responds:January 27, 2018 6:28 AM UTC

This documentary alternately pulled and repelled me and I had to remain conscious of the fact that the film maker had a vast store of material to pull from, so had a lot of leeway to shape our view. If it was a Deep State hit, I would suggest that whatever unit assigned to derailing David convinced him to take this action, just like when they convince certain people to shoot up churches or get behind the wheel of a Charger.