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Advising Aryas
In Christian Soldier Pennsylvania

Like many a stubborn heathen before me, I find myself, in the shadow of creeping decrepitude, advising better strains of my blood now devoted to the New God, who, at this phase in the fall of our pale kind is far and away the Old God, and hence join an alliance of the scorned antiquitous.

In the first two years of our association I sought to impart the rare arts of not getting KO’d and not getting your guts stabbed out and now the young ones are starved for power, so this will be the subject of or our upcoming clinic on the 17th day of the month of the ascendant Black God of Pale Guilt.

In the meantime, unable to walk a quarter mile to the main road—the grocery store effectively light years away—my weight loss seems hopeful. The training, however is haphazard, in my 6 by 8 space:

-shadow boxing

-bat twirling

-snakey stick drills

-dumbbell exercises

-sleeping until in too much pain to remain prone

-and most of all, pressing up off that mattress on the floor without popping the hip, further tearing the meniscus and without the aid of a big chocolate ass to push off of—for my faithful negress has retired into the summer lands for the winter…

Towards this end I will be posting training outlines, partially based on fighter questions, with the idea that I will cover as much ground with Sean and his fighters on video in short segments that will permit him and his men to work on the material long after I sink back into the urban inkwell.

The outlines will appear under the Combat Space tag to serve as smart phone outlines, the first of these appearing blow.


-From the angled foot

1. wheel house pivot

2. sinking knee pivot

3. rising heel pivot

4. brake pivot

-From the straight foot

1. safety pivot

2. rocking pivot

3. dragging pivot

4. sliding pivot

-From the rear foot

1. open pivot

2. sinking pivot

3. posted pivot

These power sources will be developed before building hook and straight rear hand mechanics, in the next section.

Note: the weapon section will be on power combinations with bat and baton and will be done after boxing.

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