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Pat Dixon
Of NYC Crime Report

Last week, Tony Cox and Lynn Lockhart introduced me to Pat Dixon, with whom I had a long and interesting phone conversation. He has invited me to record a few hours of conversation at the studio he operates out of in Manhattan sometime this spring. I did my best to convince him I’m not much of an American, but it seems my hoodrat resistance score qualified me as one of you people—sorry guys. Pat has a ton of energy and is at least as misogynistic as I am.

An Email from Pat

Thanks man, will check this out.

Great talking the other day, you're a true American.

If you want to look at some of what we've been doing on Compound Media:

Hosted on:

I'm on live Mondays at 7pm, and all the shows we've done there are in the archives section under NYC Crime Report. There are some interviews and other shit in there you may or may not find interesting. For tit, go to episode 65 for our coverage of the Go Topless Day Parade. My interview with Heather MacDonald or the Subway Hero Special from last year may also be of interest.

In Hot Water is another great show and of course Anthony Cumia's the man.

Let me know when you have a date that looks good for a Wed in March.

Thanks again,

-Pat Dixon

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