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Beneath the Thin Crust of Civilization
A Conversation with Teutonic Fist and James
TF: When I told you we were watching face fucking and beheading videos to see which ones have more intense gurgling, that wasn't a joke. Now another night of drinking and torture porn came to an end and the result was that we spend half an hour cutting a compilation together with the title VIDEODROME - Refugees welcome to jackass with a short best-of right out a Libyan and Lebanese torture prisons.
Horror and moral terror are your friends. If not, they are enemies to be feared.
JL: That was pretty intense.
The graphic was funny.
I thought the music was horrifically incongruent.
They obviously pick on the ones with less pain tolerance.
Did you want me to run this as an article, put it in the weekly compilation, or attach it to a repost of one of your earlier works?
TF: If you are unhinged enough, put it in a weekly compilation. I just wanted to show you this because these days everyone seems to define Germany by yet another Merkel Government when in reality the thin crust of civilization rots away further with every day and beneath that crust lay the same dumb barbarians civilization had to deal with until Charlemagne killed the chieftains at Verden.
JL: How about if I run it as a feature with this statement attached, which lends nice context?
TF: If you can craft a post out of this do so.
By the way I'm shitfaced drunk and I will hit the streets to walk to the gas station for another can. Two days ago some Russian passed me on that road for the third time, headphones on, with an ugly dog, screaming out of his lungs some dumbass Russian rap songs that had the word "kalashnikov" in its lyrics many times. Did you ever have such a moment when you meet someone on your turf and you think "this shithead, one day I have to deal with"? I have a refugee tent settlement up the road and some sort of food bank right across the road, but the biggest fucking problem are still the degenerate natives and the foreigners from the USSR, who the Alt-Right wants to tell me they are my white brethren or some such thing.
Also I dug up "On Killing" again when I dug into your stick fighting stuff ‘cause I had this theory since I read that book that clubbing someone to death is not just a method for inflicting blunt force trauma, but also requires less psychological overcoming compared to a stab. These guards beating the prisoners with green sticks just reminded me of that.
JL: Hope you enjoy that next can and assure you this post will be fun.
The less personal aspect of the stick stroke is three-fold:
-It is visually more direct than it is mechanically, permitting some disassociation.
-The stick man is physically further at the point of impact than the stabber.
-The gross muscular effort of the stick stroke causes a numbing of the senses for the wielder.
Yes, I have often had this experience and have usually been able to engineer avoidance unless I'm tired coming home from work and lack the patience to avoid the pending escalation of their rudeness.
TF: I also had the impression that if you strike someone with a club, you basically wipe that person away, you wipe him down or to the side. But if you stab someone that person still will be in front of you and he will be until you step over his dying body. Bash someone’s head in and he falls to the side that’s not an aspect anymore. It’s just not that personal. With that in mind it becomes clear why the Roman Stab Sword was such a game changer in terms of arms technology.
JL: Excellent point.
The stab is also more invasive, puncturing the body as well as the identity.
The Romans called the scabbard for their swords and daggers a vagina for a reason.
I’ll do a piece on the Roman Sword sometime this year.
The Logic of Steel Paperback
The Logic of Force
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Sam J.January 29, 2018 1:40 AM UTC

"...degenerate natives and the foreigners from the USSR, who the Alt-Right wants to tell me they are my white brethren or some such thing..."

There's more than one way to think about this. Now I'm certainly not saying everyone in eastern Europe or Russia should be moved to the US but wouldn't you rather have them than Mexicans, Indians(dot not feather), a bunch of other Asians, Africans, middle easterners and all the other assorted mystery meat?(Leaving out the choice of none because we supposedly can't have that).

It's really a relative question in that we should look after those more like ourselves first. We also should look at the behavior of those like the Russian and compare it to Dindus not to just others we know. Also the Mexicans attitude will change a LOT when they become more numerous and legal. Now lots are not legal and keep out of trouble. That will change when they are legal and their children feel like putting up sheet rock for life is not exactly how they want to live and start demanding more. When you do that I think it changes the perspective of the situation. We all know plenty of Whites that are pieces of shit but there's plenty of other races that have even more of a percentage of pieces of shit so less better.

I used to not think this way but by observing how everyone else ganging up on Whites has worked so well for them...well we might as well do the same thing. I'm not trying to make it out as anything noble or any such nonsense as that. Just survival. It's just the way the world works. If you don't have a clan the bigger clans kick you ass no matter how tough and manly you are. This the way it was in the past and it is the way it will be in the future. All this noble stuff is just some stupid White Man cooked up stuff that we thought up. Nobody else believes in it. They believe in winning. In some ways this way of thinking questions some of the precepts of Western Honor. OK but are you honorable when a different group of people plays by different rules and you allow yourself to be beaten by ideas that aren't relevant in the present situation? Isn't this just sort of giving up? It's not honorable to lose. It's just stupid and we should do what it takes to win. One of the methods to do this is too look after our people, Whites, first and others less so. This works equally well whether the goal is honorable or nefarious. It works for the Hells Angels, the Jews, the Thuggees(only worked for a while, hint, hint, Jews), the Blacks, the Mafia and it will work for us.

As for just taking the brightest from all over. Maybe if them making money is your goal and the bigger the GNP the more you brag then that would be a good idea but that's not my biggest priority. These migrants will never give a shit about us or our country. Let them stay where they are and make money there.

As for the video. I didn't watch it. I knew shouldn't but got curious and then I did I shouldn't have watched it. I don't think watching this kind of stuff is good for you. Thanks for warning me I'm pay attention next time and not watch.
seventeen17January 28, 2018 4:23 AM UTC

Life is violent.

Painting of a warrior with an axe walking towards a pack of werewolves. Artist is Jakub Rozalski. Twitter account belongs to the artist himself.
BobJanuary 28, 2018 1:51 AM UTC

The Gladius returns as favorite of the long-distance commuting white supremacist killer!