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‘A Problem Next Door’
A Man Question from Jason

I’ve got a problem next door that I’ve started documenting and putting on YouTube. This guy has pulled a gun on the old lady next to him twice, threatened to rape the old lady across the street, is very menacing and tough until I come outside, then he scampers fast as he can back to his now destroyed house.

The neighbors are always calling the cops on this meth-head, but you know how that is. One of the cops stopped and talked to me as I was leaving to pick my kids up from school yesterday, and told me off the record that I have permission to take matters into my own hands.

Problem is, the one caveat I received from the police was, DONT BEAT HIS ASS ON HIS OWN PROPERTY.

So for now, I just wait for my shot. Nobody else on this block is capable of doing what needs done, it’s all old ladies and beta males. The black gang member on the other side of me is a good man who is just trying to go straight and raise his family, he’s already on probation, so he’s just avoiding the whole mess.


Jason sent me a picture of himself and he’s a big man.

Jason, I would suspect that pig of trying to kill two birds with one stone, having you get rid of a pain in his ass and getting you behind bars so he doesn’t have to check his balls when he cruises by you.

Dude, he might be on the up-and-up, but he’s a cop and you can never, ever trust a cop—ever.

Don’t have any contact with this guy other than your eyes. Just let him know, with a look, that if he touches any of your neighbors while you are around he’ll have to deal with a man and that if he ever bothers your kids his head is on a fucking pole.

Unless it’s your kid, if he is hurting anyone on his property, just call the cops. I don’t care if he’s raping a six pack of nuns. The cop is right on that count.

If he is hurting anyone on neutral ground do not do anything other than restrain him. My favorite is to get them chest to ground and then put both hands on their head and do a pushup until the cops come—hold that push up position. Never choke him or even get an arm on his neck—because in our bitch world that is a choke.

If he is hurting someone on their turf, the same rule applies. You couldn’t trust that person to protect themselves, or to command the loyalty of a relative who could, so why would you trust them to protect you from the pigs? If the guy gets hurt while raping Miss Jane in her house and you break his neck or his head hits a step and he dies, Miss Jane is going to be advised by her attorney to throw you under the bus.

If he comes onto your turf, do not punch him in the head or chest as he can die from that. Gain control of his scrawny ass and then start breaking fingers while you stomp on his ankles until they snap. This way you never clenched a fist, were never seen hitting him and in case you do get done dirty by the pigs, which is what they are supposed to do, to do you wrong, then this guy is immobile and unable to use weapons. Always break the first two digits—thumb and forefinger.

Never, ever talk to this guy. All he needs to understand is your eyes, which cannot be tape recorded and will only be understood by horny women and dangerous men for what they are. Nobody can prove in court what your eyes are saying—at least not in this decade.

Do not lose sight or scent of the ultimate enemy, the enemy that created and enabled this predator, who passed laws against you and yours organizing for mutual defense and against you defending yourself and others.

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PRJanuary 27, 2018 10:35 AM UTC

" One of the cops stopped and talked to me as I was leaving to pick my kids up from school yesterday, and told me off the record that I have permission to take matters into my own hands."

I have friends who are cops so my experience is different from James'. Whether or not this cop is telling the truth, always CYA. This job calls for a balaclava and a ski mask and running from the scene of the beating in the opposite direction of hour house. Investigating beatings of meth heads is a very low priority for violent crimes detectives. Just don't use a weapon.

The elements of a successful assault are speed, surprise, and violence of action. I would recommend coming at him from the front and slapping him or elbowing him upward across the jaw. This should knock him out quickly. Roll him into a recovery position on his side so he doesn't choke on his tongue. This is called an educational beatdown. He has to be able to tie his beating to bad behavior in the previous week.

James is right that you can't wait for him on his property.