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Why Do I Want to Punch Him?
A Young Fighter Wonders about Masculine Upwelling

Bart, I don’t know what I wrote to lose our 110th Facebook like yesterday. But I suppose I should warn you to expect the loss of three likes after this is posted. I really appreciate you spitting into the wind for so long on my account.

I was in book store with Kurt, a young fighter who was bringing in books to donate when the second man in the operation, who handles the incoming, spoke to him very imperiously, told him to stand aside with a formalized callousness and treated Kurt dismissively even as the third man, who assisted me treated me like the The Sun King.

Back in his pickup truck, Kurt wanted to know why he wanted to punch that dude, and what he could do about it.

I wasn’t at my best and was quite irritable at the time and had my own cross feelings I was stuffing down in the ashtray that houses the spent embers of my dying soul as I wrangle another compromised year out of the untenable arrangement I have with this animal farm.

So here it is, a week too late.

Kurt, you did the right thing. You wore your mask of civility, pretended not to be pissed and did not hit the man, whose greatest ambition is to belittle charitable folk from behind some better man’s counter. That twerp is a bug man, millennial beta male overcome with Gate Keeper Syndrome.

You, as a real man, experienced Masculine Upwelling, to a degree that it disturbed you, as you do not yet have my decades of experience crushing my own soul and turning it into a weapon.

You may have wanted to punch the guy, but he deserved not half of that consideration. I was overcome with an urge to horsewhip him in the middle of Loch Raven Boulevard and then make him polish the boots of my Negro servant—who could not be located at that moment as he was apparently busy down by the stables.

I bring up the racial angle here, because I have never suffered such insult from a black man in this town, not even those who have tried to rob me on a nighted street. This white man behaved like a black, female, government employee typically behaves, letting you know exactly what he is, a bitch with a dick.

Our society is so toxic, that the worst thing that can happen to you is to be admitted to its ranks as a functioning cog. Black men in this town, even of the worst and lowest sort, never behave like this, never embrace the cult of Universal Invalidation, because they ironically keep alive a fraction of the ancient courtesy possessed by the masters of their ancestors, a kind of civility only left to them for two reasons:

1. Because they have been sold to the law enforcement racket by their government- marrying women and have not been admitted to corporate society [and when they do they become women] and thus largely saved from its dehumanizing corrosion.

2. Because, immersed in a criminal culture, they live among armed men with poor impulse control ready to avenge such slights at the drop of a Snickers bar wrapper.

Kurt, probably my biggest fantasy would be the rising up of all us niggers, white and black, from the gutters of this world, to strangle all the liberalized sissies of this rotten civilization with one hand and bitch slap the whores that have sold their children to it with the other hand until the sounds of their wailing woke some elder god greater than that collective banker which they worship.

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BobJanuary 28, 2018 1:28 AM UTC

Dueling was outlawed because it policed male honor.
responds:January 28, 2018 9:20 AM UTC

Dueling defied the state in this way and others.

Honor, is the enemy of the state.
ShepJanuary 27, 2018 4:44 PM UTC

Legalize dueling.
responds:January 28, 2018 9:27 AM UTC