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Mystery Meat Rising
Who is being Killed in Harm City?

Race unknown is a curious category for murder victims in Baltimore City. One supposes that this category was included to cover badly burned or very old skeletal remains. One also thinks of a John Doe or Jane Doe of mixed race.

But when a person of known identity is slain in their neighborhood, has an open casket funeral, has a known mom, mamma, madre or mammasan, that one would be able to arrive at a racial designation in order to more accurately determine what type of people are being targeted for murder at what frequency.

In that case, riddle me this, whitey. That’s right, put your big-ass brain and blue devil peepers to some good use for a change…

-2007: 282 killed, 3 mystery meat

-2008: 234 killed, 4 mystery meat

-2009: 240 killed, 5 mystery meat

-2010: 224 killed, 2 mystery meat

-2011: 197 killed, 1 mystery meat

-2012: 217 killed, 0 mystery meat

-2013: 235 killed, 1 mystery meat

-2014: 211 killed, 3 mystery meat

-2015: 342 killed, 0 mystery meat

Massive urban flight takes over 7,000 targets out of range [this is underreported—probably 14k]

-2016: 318 killed, 6 mystery meat

A deadlier year per capita than the previous year

-2017: 343 killed, 26 mystery meat

-2018: 22 killed, 14 mystery meat in the month of January alone, making this look like an urban invasion of a previously unidentified strain of humanity. Could Skynet be dropping cyborgs into this joint?


A Once Great Medieval City: 2016: Impressions of Baltimore Maryland

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