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Poking Dead Cats
By Teutonic Fist
On his Bavarian Postcard Tour Jack Donovan visited a church I had to visit with a class when I was in trade school. The cultural nostalgia is holiday trip struck me more as the morbid curiosity of a child who found a dead cat in the woods and now it pokes it with a stick to see how the maggots make its tattered skin move.
I was there with trading school when I was working in carpentry and our class was there to get a tour to see the roof timbering and construction related stuff, but our teacher thought it was a good idea that we had to listen to this communist priest holding a sermon against arms exports, since there is a lot of arms and munitions manufacturing around here, or at least was because since a few month many of these companies are leaving for the united states. So this communist priest then said he invited one of these arms manufacturers to a discussion, as if these fortune 500 companies had nothing better to do, and of course no one showed up.
So it fell upon me to BTFO that faggot and after his gay ass, meaning the priest, "weapons are bad mkay" he wanted to hear some opinions and I gave him one. Oh Lord, I gave him one like a boss. I quoted every badass psalm and verse I remembered from making ploughshares into swords, sell your coat to buy a sword, to serving the daughter of Babylon by banging kids heads against stones. And why would a Christian be against killing at all since this life is just temporary anyways?
Of course this faggot ass commie was dumbfounded and made more bullshit excuses. What a pathetic weakling. No wonder so many westerners are joining Islamists groups when the preachers of their own culture are so pathetic subhumans not even worthy of enslavement or organ harvesting.
So Donovan, of course, can see some aesthetic beauty in traditional forms and artwork, but behind that facade its already rotten and the maggots crawling around let it look like it could be still alive moving by itself.
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