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Harm City is #1 Again
News Yo Cain’t Aford Ta Lose, Cracka Jack

In rats we are still in 3rd place. But in Murders per yo & ho, bed bugs, fewest cops patrolling per city block and now vacancies, the Harm City Hoodrats are back on tap again!

Retired Ghetto Grocer Update.

James, correct me if I’m wrong here, but doesn’t Baltimore already have checkout-free convenience stores?

‘Just walk out’ shopping without all the technology?

Jeremy, in Harm City all you need is a reusable, eco-friendly canvas bag and a wing man to deal with that trifling manager while you enjoy the Reparations Self Checkout Service! Sorry, Jeremy, your white ass does not qualify for this service.

Amazon Go, the First Completely Checkout-Free Convenience Store, Opens in Seattle

Time to burn down the neighborhood again.

Oh, dey done ma nigga wrong!

Man fatally shot by police in NW Baltimore

Incident started as traffic stop, police say

Harm City News.

Looks like a crew of out-of-towners were behind the rash of burglaries in Baltimore County.

Jeremy, every black dude I know in Baltimore has family in New York, the Carolinas and Georgia. These guys also have gang associations up and down the East Coast and get called in by spotters to wherever police coverage is minimal and possible gain is good. Guaranteed, these dindus they arrested were just the point of the spear.

Arrests made in rash of Baltimore County burglaries

Men from North Carolina, New Jersey, Georgia suspected of Maryland burglaries

Harm City News.

The same area where episodes of “The Wire” were filmed: Zip Code 21223.

”The implosion of America’s inner cities is creating the real “shitholes,” and should be on everyone’s radar - not Haiti. In Baltimore, Maryland, decades of deindustrialization and 50-years of democratically controlled leadership has turned the city into a failed liberal experiment, with a homicide rate on par with Venezuela, a country that is suffering from an economic collapse.”

One Baltimore Neighborhood Has The Highest Vacancy Rate In America

The GQ Mugging Inquest: A Study in Masculine Culture

Good Morning, Dindustan!: Urban Life at the End of Caucasian Time

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