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Shock and Despair
Mad World News from Jeremy Bentham

Mad World Update.

“The large population of former inmates, including parolees, has been blamed over the years for contributing to the city's crime rate. Edmonton has more former federal prisoners per capita than any other big city in Canada.”

Edmonton a 'dumping ground' for former inmates

2 Michigan state police officers shot while serving search warrant, officials say

Drug War Update.

Mexico Police Find Enough Fentanyl To Kill Millions En Route To US Border

Hackers Are Using Malware To "Jackpot" US ATMs, Forcing Them To Dispense All Cash

Mad World Update.

Police, family say jealous shooter killed 4 at car wash

Jihad Update.

“Kabul was in despair on Sunday, a day after a Taliban suicide bomber killed more than 100 people and wounded at least 235 in the worst attack in the Afghan capital in months. A week ago, the Taliban killed more than 20 people in a siege of the city's Intercontinental Hotel. Another six people were killed in an assault claimed by Islamic State on the office of aid group Save the Children in the eastern city of Jalalabad. Despite pressure on President Ashraf Ghani's Western-backed government to improve security, the attacks show no sign of abating, giving rise to helpless anger among residents.”

Shock gives way to despair in Kabul after ambulance bomb

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