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French Indians with Beards?
Caucasian First Nation Rallies to Erase History

Look at all those beards and palefaces!

Instead of taking down this statue, why can’t they raise their own statue, a better statue, a statue that demonstrates their nation’s great antiquity?

Since the Micmaq abandoned their ancestral faith for Catholicism, perhaps they should place their Trinitarian flag above their tribal statue to stick it to those Anglican Brits. They will have to place a bilingual inscription since only a third of Micmaqs speak Micmaq.'kmaqFlags.html

I would suggest this venerable Micmaq chief, who has a beard of positively Confederate luxuriance.

And who should this chief, if we decline to rate Native American chiefs on beard growth, be?

Perhaps Henry [that’s right, Henry] Membertou, who was, in 1607, chief of the land that Cornwallis eventually fought to take from the French masters of the Micmaq in the late 1700s. Chief Henry had a beard, as commemorated on the stamp in the link below. Wait, this white, bearded Indian who looked like Lee Marvin, was already old in 1607?

What could that mean?


Nazi Scientists made a time machine and when Hitler ducked into the past to escape the Soviets he picked up Cornwallis—who was having so much trouble with those Micmaqs, and took him back in time so that Cornwallis could rape Membertou’s mother…

6 panels down under Chief Henry's stamp is a Mcmaq man with light sandy hair, pale skin, beard and Caucasian features.

The eldest and most easterly First Nation appears to have been comprised of mixed race folk, who have been catholic longer than Maryland.

I get it, putting up a statue of a white Indian chief would be pretty darned embarrassing so go ahead, get whitey off that podium.

By the by, Micmaq means allied, which does imply the existence of war before the Whiteman, just like Apache is Navaho for enemy and Navaho is Pueblo for enemy…

Stillbirth of a Nation: Caucasian Slavery in Plantation America: Part One

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