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Christianity vs Bacteria
By John Saxon

Not to offend all the gentle Christian warriors out there in US Bible land, but I would like to talk about Christianity and the body. Now, I know, the atheists have given you a hard time on the sex and purity issue, and looking at the disaster their 1960s libertarianism has brought, clearly you have won that intellectual battle, although the shock waves are still eroding society, and alone will probably destroy the West.

What puzzles me though is the biological structure of the world. You tell us from your big brother book, Genesis, that in the beginning, God made the world, and it was good: Genesis 1:13. According to version 1.0 of the creation, nature was created first, then man. Before the Fall, man was also good.

Now what about bacteria? We now know that there are more bacteria on and in our bodies than we have cells. Some are bad, but most play vital roles in human functioning, such as in the gut. Evolutionary theory posits that we are nothing more than a genetic ecosystem made up of the genetic bits and pieces of past organisms. Hence, the general poor “design” of the body, which exhibits the “scars of evolution”:

That shit which you proudly forced out this morning, a product of good American beef, fed billions of bacteria, and the brown stuff is mainly bacteria, well up to 54 percent bacterial biomass:

Shit! You didn’t know that, did you? Me neither, until I looked it up.

The theological problem is: why would something made in God’s image be so “dirty” and “profane,” literally crawling in “germs”? This would be so before the Fall too, for bacteria would be doing what they do now. Jesus and Mary, could have had “immaculate” bodies, and thus been exempt from the germs, but no-one else would be. We are all only one step away from being eaten alive by bacteria, and other micro-pests. In the end, we all are.

Why would an all-powerful God have made a system that just looks exactly like a genetic experiment by a D-grade extraterrestrial? You tell me. Biologically the world looks like a genetic mistake rather than an instance of divine creation. Intelligent design? Why, sure, but not necessarily by “God,” probably from a science student from another universe, who failed, “Universe Creation 101.”

Why bother with such questions? Because we are preparing for the collapse of Western civilization and a new reign of terror and chaos. We need to be right about our philosophies for the final battle. Otherwise, we just continue to embrace universalism, like a good host, and let ourselves get done over in another round.

The Great Train Wreck of the West

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crackerFebruary 8, 2018 11:59 AM UTC

well said, PR.
PRFebruary 1, 2018 11:28 AM UTC

Evolution is just old-fashioned atheism. I believe that our genome and that of other animals changes over time. Despite the existence of smarter apes that walk upright, I don't believe we evolved from them. Why? Humans reason morally, apes and other animals do not. We inherently know right from wrong, just as the Bible said we were made in the imago Dei. Also, things have a first cause. All of the matter and energy in the universe did not come from nothing. It came from something - God the Creator, the omnipotent being with the power of self-existence.

Why do bacteria harm us? Because of the Fall. It had an effect on all of Creation, not just us. The entire Creation is groaning under the weight of our sin (Romans 8:22) and the ground (the Earth) is cursed because of us (Genesis 3:17). So, Creation is against us and God is against us. The good news, if you repent and believe, is that Jesus has died for your sins so that you don't have to bear the wrath and curse of God.
BobJanuary 31, 2018 11:21 PM UTC

A primer on the arrival of divorce as a State-sanctioned right.
BobJanuary 31, 2018 10:30 PM UTC

Atheism, purportedly a reproach to religious mysticism, offers exactly what certain answers to existential questions?

"Doesn't make sense" isn't a refutation of any order outside of the self.

There are countless religions to choose from. But let's not forget that *faith* is necessarily an admission of imperfect knowledge. A comparative survey of different varieties of ignorance is a fool's errand. Ba Dum Tss!
BobJanuary 31, 2018 8:42 PM UTC

"Libertinism" is I think what is meant here; libertarianism something quite different (vices can be decriminalized but still stigmatized).

Welfare, divorce, civil marriage, these are post-French Revolution State interventions designed to weaken the traditional family, ultimate bulwark against despotism. Add contraception and feminism to the mix. Mainstream previously marginalized sexual behaviors through the media and it's not surprising what bad shape white families are in today.

Importantly, family-formation and preservation are not compromised uniformly across ethnic lines. Blacks are affected worse than whites. Diaspora Jews much less.
LaManoJanuary 31, 2018 6:46 PM UTC

Hard to get anywhere when you start with the assumption that God thinks like you do.
crackerJanuary 31, 2018 12:04 PM UTC

you are a silly man. you delve into subjects that you have little or no understanding of and then offer your half-baked, ignorant opinion anyway. the only part of this that you are qualified to comment on is about getting done over. on that you are an expert seeing how you like to whine about how women and your own children kick you around like a half-flat soccer ball. stick to that and be seen as an expert or keep commenting on the Bible and be shown as a fool.
Sam J.January 31, 2018 3:43 AM UTC

Some bacteria are blessed by God. We call these good bacteria. Some bacteria are bad and most likely the work of the Devil. We call those bad bacteria.

God made bacteria as an intermediate step because he was busy.

"...This would be so before the Fall too, for bacteria would be doing what they do now. Jesus and Mary, could have had “immaculate” bodies, and thus been exempt from the germs..."

All the bacteria in the beginning were good but Satan corrupted them and made some bad. God hasn't corrected this because he gave us brains to figure out what to do but we haven't done so 100% yet. God has lots of time and is not in a hurry to see us figure this out as he has already done his part. He is now resting and listening to all the multitude of prayers which keeps him busy.

I think.