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‘For Those 5 Minutes I’m Yours’
Drive the 2011 Movie with Ryan Gosling

Ron Perlman as a bitter mafia Jew, sick of being called a “Kike’ by Italian mobsters, Brian Cranston as a conniving garage owner, and an all around believable and well-acting supporting cast made this movie very enjoyable in numerous small ways. As a film it is better executed and more realistic than my favorite doomed Aryan hero movie, Brawl in Cellblock 99. I use the term Aryan, because there is no other heroic tradition which has found its way into the Western World—despite persecution by theists and atheists hailing from the honor-erasing quarters of the old world—than that which was born in prehistory near the Caucasus Mountains.

I don’t know anything about driving. But the scenes in this movie were much more reminiscent of Steve McQueen in Bullet than the ridiculous Fast and Furious movie franchise of today.

I do know violence, and the methods used by the criminal characters in this movie are practical, believable and not excessive in execution or rate of occurrence. Ryan Gosling as a quietly heroic loner is an appealingly downbeat version of that iconic American archetype, something of a postmodern Clint Eastwood.

The knife and razor use in particular was very well done and the film was not marred by excessive sentimentality. The love interest was thankfully mildly attractive and unconsummated. The soulless stripper-whores, realistically beautiful on the physical scale and utterly absent as humans, where excellently cast and directed, behaving in a realistic fashion as the painted flesh that they are, lacking all agency and morality.

The best aspect of this story was that the more direct an actor a character is the less concerned he is about money and the more manipulative he is the more he is wed to that green demon that holds this world in thrall.

Thank you, Mister Bob, for sending me the link to this fine movie.

streamed (free) version here:



Drive - Movie Trailer (2011) HD

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Sam J.February 2, 2018 8:59 PM UTC

"...But, it demonstrates that Hollywood has written itself into a catch 22, because non-white heroes are patently ridiculous even to POC audiences!..."

That's a good point that slipped by me.
Sam J.February 2, 2018 12:03 AM UTC

Apologies,Forgot the link.
Sam J.February 2, 2018 12:00 AM UTC

Sigh...I watched about half and...this is another of those memes they're trying to feed us. Heroic White takes care of less fortunate...whoever. So perfectly decent White guy, but edgy, must take care of White girl who has kid with Mexican criminal. I stopped when the Mexican, or whatever, got beat up as I could see how it was going.

We need some movies where edgy White guys take care of White people and get pretty White girls to have kids with.

It's like Sandra Bullock adopting that African kid. Yeah I bet that really works out well. I wonder (((who))) talked her into that. Maybe she just woke up one day and thought, the perfect thing to do would be to go to Africa and adopt some kid from there...right. You know many years ago I might have enjoyed a movie like this but I'm so red pilled now and see the constant propaganda they're pushing at us that it becomes laborious to watch movies or TV.

I try to explain these things to people in various places. It's gets me a lot of abuse. Maybe I should just take up whittling.

There's a stark vivid picture of what the Jews are doing to us. I remember clearly seeing this in this show, there's many more but this one is so blatant. There was this variety show that took B-Stars and had them do all this stuff and slowly eliminated them. "The Surreal Life: Fame Games"

Ok so watch Rob Van Winkle(((Vanilla Ice))) talks his fellow contestants into doing a talent contest his way. Starts around 21:40. Especially watch CC DeVille, blond Poison guitarist, and how Vanilla Ice pretends to be his friend and misleads CC. Watch til you get to where CC realizes what he should have done and says so. 24:51

This little mini-show is the whole entire interaction with Jews on our society. The lesson here is that (((They))) go out of their way to hurt people. There's a constant barrage of bad advice while all the time telling us that,"this is best for you", and piling these bad messages on deep. Over and over. White people are not as clannish or tribal as others and expect people to at least try to give good advice when someone pretending to be your friend is asked or if someone tells you.

Many will respond,"well your stupid and that's what you get", but I think there's something deeper here. To fight this off we will have to lose a lot of what makes our society good and successful. No I'm not saying all White people are good or perfect in any way. I am saying looking at "averages" living around White people beats the hell out of living around most of the population of planet earth. We're fairly easy to get along with considering we're being completely overrun.

I don't want to live in the society they're building. It's like Pottersville in the movie "It's a Wonderful Life".
responds:February 2, 2018 2:09 PM UTC

It is a fact that currently the only white heroes that Hollywood lets have leading roles suffer and die for POCs and women without getting to have the woman. They also are supposed to die. This movie even plays that up at the end. So yes, it fits into the bigger current mythology that white heroism is only legit in a POC or feminist cause. But, it demonstrates that Hollywood has written itself into a catch 22, because non-white heroes are patently ridiculous even to POC audiences!

There is also a lot of reality here.

Other than the driving gambit, I have been in exactly the position as the Gosling character as an ugly duckling version. And think about it, with our almost entirely Caucasian special ops guys dying in over 30 non-white countries, supposedly to save these people from themselves, isn't this somewhat reflective of actuality?

Yes, Gosling will not get the girl. But that sentimentality in American myth is one of the reasons that we got fat and lazy to begin with, that we believed in a happily ever after with no need for vigilance.

Anyway, asking for more than a compromise out of Hollywood requires vast suspension of disbelief beyond any writer.