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Secret & Unexamined History
Of Plantation America: 1500 to 1868

There exists a patreon page for the support of my work on the roots of slavery, corruption and hatred in English-Speaking America. However, due to my technologically deficient mind I am generally unable to use that platform to display text, this being well over 95% of my content, as I am a writer. This site, on the other hand, was developed for the building of books. This has led me to the decision to post text here and the graphics on the patreon site, which will be linked at the bottom of each article so you might access that graphic content and support the project there.

The books, already in the works, that will be developed and previewed under the Plantation America tag are:


-White Indians & Yellow Negroes*

-The 13th Tribe

-American Spartacus

-Sold: A Novel

And may be supported via the link below:

Books in this series already in print are:

-Still Birth of a Nation

-America in Chains

-Into Wicked Company

-A Bright Shining Lie at Dusk

-So His Master May Have Him Again

-So Her Master May Have Her Again

-The Lies That Bind Us

And may be had via the link below:

*If this title makes it through Amazon's screening process, it may well be suppressed soon thereafter, unless I can come up with an alternative title, as suppressed books are not banned based on the content, but rather the title, subtitle, author's name or dust cover description.

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